Weekly card giveaway + last week's winner

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I've been slowing purchasing reward cards from the market, and now I've managed to have a maxed copy of all the latest rewards, except one! Sometimes reward cards are overlooked, but for me some of the best cards in the game came from these rewards, and I tend to use a ton of them on a very frequently basis. And this week, here's another one of them for you!

By the way, if you haven't joined a guild yet and you're a dedicated player, our guild Roaring Twenties is at level 10! If you're thinking about joining in, you can check the info on the guild page, or reach us on discord here to discuss membership!


So, and who won this week's card?


Congratulations @amaillo! Two in a row! The Xenith Archer is going your way!

For this next week, the card that will be switching hands is...


The Venari Seedsmith!


No upvote, follow or resteem required. Just comment! Or even better, tag a fellow player! Winner will be randomly chosen at post payout; good luck everyone!


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Count me in for the giveaway!

IGN @luizeba

!Gif money


Yeah! I want it! ;-)

Nice, thank you! count me in again @amaillo-m

What do sea monsters eat for lunch?
Fish and ships.

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I want to participate @yeckingo1

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Yay! 🤗
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Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

count me in @tjnanda

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