Fine flagged you!

You keep this up I put you in my auto downvoter forever or at least until you cry! Little pip squeak like you go away! I thought you wereJay Leno at first, nice move! lol go away and don't bug me!

I'm curator of a Hispanic tribe called bloque64, which is also an @cervantes project, which is defined as a Spanish news site; our next step is to automate the Spanish news to be published in an interface similar to the following image:


Publications with #bloque64 tag will be automated, so that they are published there in digital press format. That's why the downvote. We never wanted to intrude. If you wish, I will be able to raise the flags, if you edit the publications without that tag. Thank you for your understanding.

Fuck off I want to advertise MAUI in spanish areas! You all ansimply block me IDK, but if you flag me again I will put you ion my flag downvoter for real! I don't want to hear a word again. It's your responsibility to run your community the way you like, that's why you have blocks, I can use which ever tag I like!

You know what, I'm putting you in my auto downvoter now!

Unless you take those flags away, apologize, and never come back to my blog and hassle me again after that!!

You're muted! bye!