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RE: Hive Power Up Day - Let's grow together!

in #hivebuzz2 years ago

Like I said on Twitter, I can barely form the words to say how wicked excited I am about this, @hivebuzz!

Now I'm really REALLY anxious for @streetstyle to return and see this awesomesauce badge! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone involved, and especially to @jeanlucsr for putting together this amazeballs #HivePUD surprise!


Thank you for being a great backup to @streetstyle. Can't wait to see his reaction too 😉
Meantime, have a !BEER

Sorry, you don't have enough staked BEER in your account. You need 24 BEER in your virtual fridge to give some of your BEER to others. To view or trade BEER go to

Im here again @traciyork!