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RE: Valentine's day challenge - Give a badge to your beloved!

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Happy valentine 💝 a friend like no other love you friend


We have sent your gift to @jerrytsuseer (you can see it here).
Happy Valentine @tobywalter ❤️

I thank you for thinking of me @tobywalter, but I don't think this was the intent of the challenge ha ha.
Valentines day is about ROMANTIC love, at least in America, not filial love, as in brotherhood or friendship.

To my own understanding love has noting to do with gender so I have decided to do it this way this time, I have been doing the romantic aspect all this year but this time around it goes to every of my friends and love ones so dear friend @jerrytsuseer you earn it much love at valentine 💝

Again, I thank you. It is an American thing I guess. On Valentine's day, people give love notes, roses, candies, make dates to have romantic dinners WITH THEIR SWEETHEARTS.
Not friends, not relatives, not folks you admire (unless you want them to think you want something more from them, like sex)
I guess I have a very narrow view of the HOLIDAY.
There is nothing to say that you can't love your friends and neighbors, you should in fact. We should all love each other. The Bible tells us to do that.
I thank you for the Valentine badge @Tobywalter

😂 Lol @jerrytsuseer

Thanks for appreciating the badge @jerrytsuseer