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RE: Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from day 10

in #hivebuzz7 months ago

Wohoo - it's really nice to get these motivational posts to confirm I'm still in!

I'm doing great so far - if I do a main blog post I 100% power it up and if I do some other kind of post like a video, dbuzz or stream I always power up 1 hive as well just to be sure. (I actually think the videos (3speak) and streams (vimm) would count as I've also set them to 100% power up but I don't think you an do that with Dbuzz.

Either way I make sure to cover my bases - the more powering up the better especially if I am to reach my 2022 goal of getting to 10,000 HP by the end of the year!

Thanks again @hivebuzz !