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RE: Bee ready for the 2nd Hive Power Up Month challenge!

in #hivebuzz8 months ago

Hey - great initiative and I'm going to take part!

Just a quick clarification - when you say "you publish a post and set the payout mode to 100% HIVE."

you mean set Reward Payout to 100% Hive Power?
(at least that's what it's labelled as in PeakD)



set Reward Payout to 100% Hive Power?

Yes, that's correct (the label vary between front-ends)
Good luck with the challenge @tdctunes

Cool - thanks for clarifying - two more questions!

  1. Does it have to be a blog post or does any kind of post count? (e.g. my D.Buzz's aren't blog posts - so would they count?)

  2. Does it still count if there is a beneficiary but otherwise it's all HP? For example if I post a video on 3Speak or post a Vimm stream there is a beneficiary for a small percentage to 3Speak (11%) /Vimm (10%)

Q1: any kind of post.
Q2: Beneficiaries do not matter.

Awesome - thanks so much for clarifying!