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RE: Hive Power Up Day - Let's grow together!

in #hivebuzz2 years ago

I'll admit it---I've been spending most of my liquid HIVE (and trading in my HBD...and selling some ETH...and BITCOIN) buying and minting NFTs on NFT Showroom! Like A LOT... (I could probably have been a dolphin by now! Ha!)

But maybe on the 1st, as a show that I have a modicum of self-control, I can save 10 or 12 HIVE to power up and get a bee badge. (It's not that far off from buying an "ART"!!! Am I right?)


You are right @richardfyates 😉 With 10 you will get the small power bee, maybe you can even get a bigger one! Good luck on the trades 👍 Looking forward to seeing you join!