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RE: Hive Power Up Day - Let's grow together!

in #hivebuzz2 years ago

Ok. I'm making a new rule and only powering up once a month on PUD!

I recently powered up too, but it wasn't even 100.. because I powered up in sperts here and there prior to this.. New initiative for me now! I won't see the badge this round (unless someone wants to donate 100 HIVE For me to power-up <3)

Oo... you know, people who delegate more than 100 HIVE on the first of the month and still hadn't removed it the following month should get the badge, and the delegatee get a different type of badge or something.. ;) This way people can donate HP to me and be worthwhile to participate in this that way :)

Maybe that would be too hard to implement.


As long you also loose the badge if you remove the delegation... yep I guess. It’s probably doable. But the persistent badges are more fun to me.