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RE: Hive Power Up Day - Let's grow together!

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A nice initiative, but I am not sure how many people will actually qualify. I myself power up at various times throughout the month, and now that all my steem has already been converted, I doubt I will ever have 100 Hive just sitting around doing nothing. Right now yes I have more than 25 Hive sitting, but that is waiting on the next level of a system I am participating in, I normally only have about 20 Hive just sitting around doing nothing. I understand about the 0.001 restriction, but I think a more reasonable amount of 10-25 Hive would be more in line than a 100 Hive amount. I would like to participate and I would like to earn the badge as I am sure many others would also, but that is not going to happen at my level nor those with less than 5000 hive powered up already. Redfish accounts will never get one until they reach a dolphin level, most minnow level accounts will not be able to get one until they reach dolphin level. many Dolphin Level accounts are trying to grow and rarely have more than 25 Hive just sitting around doing nothing throughout the month.

I am a dolphin sized account, (small yes, but still a dolphin sized account), because I powered up as I received keeping only a small amount liquid for various projects and to have a few funds for things I like to do, like gift beginning dustsweeper account to new users, provide a few funds for charity events, and other events.

So I would like to get a badge, but I know based on my powering up above certain Hive level's it is very unlikely that I will ever have 100 Liquid Hive ever just sitting around doing nothing.


Thank you for your feedback @bashadow. It is really very relevant.
This is a very first experiment on PUD for us and we may adapt our rules given the feedback we get the post-event analysis we will do.

This being said, it is also possible to invest a bit by buying the few HIVEs required on the D-day.

You can also attempt a different strategy and play/invest on #HIVEGames to grow your returns. There’s a couple of them if you check out the tag.

But I understand what you mean. There’s always the opportunity to invest directly on this chain... which at this stage is ver cheap.

100 HIVE ~ 22$? It’s a lunch for me.

There is no simple method for me to use. I do not have a KYC account, and will not get one in the near future. If there was a credit card option, I would invest, that is not an option for where I live right now. Buying game cards then selling them is putting a very large premium on the price I would be able to obtain back. I do not see buying 20 dollars of game cards and being able to sell them for less than two dollars a viable option.

One day there will be a simpler way to invest, until then, I will just have to earn some and convert from various forks that take place, putting the so called free tokens to work, even if it is not that much.

I do not see buying 20 dollars of game cards and being able to sell them for less than two dollars a viable option.

I think you are not seeing things the right way... I would recommend you to investigate more, as I don't seem to convince you with my words.

If everything was as simple as, "Click here and you will be rich", then there would be no poor people anymore (nor rich people too)...

Maybe that's the solution! :P LOL idiot of myself just invented the way to solve world differences... - I am being sarcastic by the way...

Ah, some !BEER to cheer you up!

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