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RE: Hive Power Up Day - Introducing the Power Up Helper!

in #hivebuzz2 years ago

Ok I have some Hive I bought JUST for this and to feed the whale every now and again. I thought I just had to power up 10 hive on my account. But to get this badge I have to power up someone else's account with 10 Hive or more? Someone who has less than me? Is that even possible? I am a bit confused. Can someone please explain this a bit more stupid for me lol. I mean I think I get it. Can u give me an example of someone I can power up to receive the badge? All this power up and staking this for resources and all that is really hard for me to understand but I think Im starting to get it. To use the new internet you will need to stake money or just use the limited resources you get daily free? And by staking or powering up , it gives you more resources to access more things and do more stuff daily? Anywho the first is coming soon. And I have been waiting 2 or 3 months to try and do this. Id really like to get my first 10 power up badge the first of Nov. Too bad you cant just power up over the month and the badge is given out on the first. But you have to do it ON the first to get it. Anywho. Im sorry for being so stupid in understanding this. I think I ran into Steem years back and didnt get into it. Wish I had. I really enjoy Hive. Not sure Im too keen on everything turning digital but its inevitable and hopefully the good guys over power the bad. ANywho off to get the clothes out the drier. Then gonna buy some Hive Merch when i return. Been waiting all week to get paid so I could buy a couple of masks and maybe a shirt. Yall should Tokenize all the products yall sell. Or at least do like RealItems on the Sync wallet and VeChain. Not make it an NFT like ETH or Wax but more like a COA NFT just to show its authenticity tied to that one item. It seems that ALL items will be this way one day.