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RE: Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from Day 21

in #hivebuzz9 months ago

@dbuzz is way better than @hivebuzz lol already uses @hivebuzz and works like our very own twitter. What we need js a system to create your ⁶⁵⅘ very own hive account dropping with all your old legacy social media accounts posts comments images etc ..... so your hive account comes with a feature to pay some HIVEpower or delegation and arc HIVE all or some of your favorite twitter and reddit and instagram posts.... now all backed up on hive using @banjo and @poshbot style bots

These bots will take your legacy content and repost it to hive ... maybe not all as we have resource credit limitations for how many kilobytes per hivepower can actually post as data

But we will find a way to upgrade the amount of data hive users can POST by combining hive witnesses with @telosnetwork DSTOR decentralized data storage and soon full awareness computational amazon services are replacement

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