Farewell Erika, You Will Be Missed

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It is with a heavy heart to inform everyone that @erikasue is no longer with us. We received the sudden news last August 15, 2022 in the afternoon. She was waiting near a street post for her sister, @pinkchic when a driver lost control of their vehicle causing it to accidentally crash into Erika. The specific details of the incident are still unclear such as whether the driver was apprehended. However, the point of this post is to inform everyone our community's loss.


We have confirmed this news and have seen the graphic content from a video taken live at the site of impact. It was not a pleasant sight to see a community member who joined during our discord activities, chat with us hours prior to the incident, left us with encouraging messages during our last interactions together be seen on the side of the road.

You might be familiar with here occasional posts on the Hive Open Mic Community.

Anyone who has ever witnessed a pedestrian accident can relate and even more so if it involved someone dear to them. We don't want to share those graphic images here. We'd rather remember her for the good times.

Our community grieves with Erika's family. She was a Hive member that had a lot of potential on the platform. She was helpful with the newbies, offered encouragement to those that want to try Hive Open Mic, an onboarder, an active member on HivePH, and much more.

Hours past after the news, there was nothing but shock, confusion, and recalling the good times we had with her on the server and on the blockchain. This is proof of how the social relationships are powerful on the blockchain. This was how much influence she had on everyone she met.

And it probably stings even more when her sister recounts how much she would talk about how fun she was having on Hive. For the limited time she had with us, she made a lasting impression.

All the rewards this post receives will be given to her family members (@pinkchic) to help with the funeral costs. We'll be accounting all donations received. She will be finally laid to rest on August 19, 2022, Friday. We have gained permission to share this post from Erika's sister, @pinkchic.

We do not endorse any Hiver who wishes to start doing their own fund raising for @erikasue. But we also do not discourage anyone to extend their help with this community's effort. We also entertain the possibility that some users may exploit this event for their own selfish gain so please be mindful about charity posts you want to support for Erika.

Here are the messages from the people whom Erika has touched in this community:

From chichi18:
It's heartbreaking to hear about your passing, Erika. I met you through the @hiveopenmic community, where we were always encouraging and supporting each other. I never met you personally but I know and felt that you are a good person. Find peace, and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

From gyrag:
Sobrang unexpected happenings lahat ng mayroon sa mundo ate, @Erika Sue , we know you can't read this anymore but we know makakarating sayo ito. I'm sad about the news, nakakalaro kapa namin sa ml then biglaang ganito. Thank you sa happiness that you shared, we can no longer see ur "Good morning." Or any chika from u. Masaya akong makilala ka in just a short time, rest in paradise ate. Feel free to visit everyone sa dreams if you wanna say something. Rest in paradise, rest in God's arm. We hope to see you again soon! ❤️

From eunoia101:
Thank you for everything. I remember the first day we met, you didn't know anything about me, but you gave me your support. You were one of those I always mentioned. I am thankful to be inside the HivePH community. I was hurt and couldn't process it when I heard the news about you; we just enjoyed the night as we played along together with the gang. Losing a friend is the one I hate the most, but the way I know you. I know you did enjoy things, travelled and explored things. I will always pray for you, hoping that proper action will take. Farewell, my friend. 🥺😇😟😓

From jijisaurart:
Erika, I really find you nice, genuine, and easy to vibe with. I'm still in disbelief that you are now with our creator. You will be forever remembered. May you rest in love and peace.

From dennnmarc:
We talked rarely, but you have been one of the avid rebloggers in my blogs and I appreciated it so much. You are such a light person, easy to get on the vibe, and you're humourous as well. I have talked to you the night after your accident. You told me you are preparing to write for another blog and you gave me some tips too. Unfortunately, you cannot publish your one last blog. 😭
Wherever you are, whoever you are with, I know you are in a great place. I prayed for you together with my church mates. I pray once again that may your soul rest in peace and do not seek revenge. Justice is in His hands. We will miss you!

From anonymous02:
Hey, Erika. We only had a few conversations but I always see your chats on the server. You're easy to deal with, we even played on Discord last last night with other members. I'm shocked and in disbelief after that incident. But I, we, hope you'll find peace.

From zbabe:
My dearest Erikasue. You never know how much I admire you. You were the one who taught me to go out of my shell and supported my passion to sing. You always say "Laban dzai, support ko kanunay nimu.!" You never know how those words motivated me to start the passion of singing through video recording. It was really my first time to do so. And I never thought that you taught me how to set up was our last conversation. It was like you waited me to set up and start my journey in singing.
Thank you so much my friend on believing me that I can make it. Your warm words and encouragement helo me a lot to try my best of what I can do through singing. You are the one who wake my passion to sing again. Thank you my friend for I am starting my journey now. I thought that you will be there along the way my journey. I thought you will witness my soon success. You said I will succeed and I just need to continue while you will support me all the way. And I believe that. You might not be here anymore and I won't see you sing again but I will always treasure you and our memories even not in person.
You will be treasured my friend. And I will continue what I started because of you. May you rest in peace my friend and please keep watching us your friends on hive and your family. We will surely miss you.

From sensiblecast:
For the brown eyed beautiful soul that I never had an interaction, me waking up on your passing.. struck me so bad I had a wanting feeling of disconnection to this community due fear of losing something or someone. Even so I never met or interacted with you. But as some point makes an inspiration to the living that life is short and we must keep those that exist in our circle closer than ever, in real life or online. I can tell you are a down to earth, kind hearted and caring soul to your peers, friends most specially with your fam.
You will be missed, You are an inspiration to others and will always remain that way. but God or Universe or what ever higher being it is, summons you, because you're needed for higher purpose in their realm. I hope i get to meet you some day too. ✨💫❤️

From ayane-chan:
Just a few nights ago, you were still requesting me to sing in the comment section, playing games in the Discord, and chatting happily with us since you were promoted to Angkan Sirena. You were one of the Filipino Hivers that I admire. Though we don't talk that much here, I felt you were one of my sisters here in Hive and somehow got closed to in a shor period of time. Then one day, I just knew that you were gone. It hurts a lot seeing that video online. I cried even though I never met you. Wherever you are now, I'm praying for your happiness. May you rest in peace. Thank you for the memories. You will be surely missed. 💕

From cindee08:
Our hearts were deeply saddened when we heard the news about your passing. I remember the first time I heard you sing. You caught my attention because you have the voice of an angel! Erika Sue , we will certainly miss you! Gone too soon! Rest in paradise, dear! Until we meet again.

From jude.villarta:
Sue, my heart sank about what happened. I'm sorry if we didn't get to meet soon even though you've been coming in my place a lot of times. When u said you wanted to meet me in person, i was happy and i could imagine us talking about hive in Robinson valencia since it's the only place you ever go to here. I wish i took the courage to meet you back then, i am filled with regrets and i can't believe i'll be meeting you soon in that state. You know, you were the one who encouraged me to sing on hive, like in my 2 years in the platform i didn't even do that... You inspired me to do it.
2 days ago, i was happy with all our quirkiness in the group. Just when everything started to get fun.. You passed away.. Seeing you in that video hurts.. Wherever you are right now sue.. I hope you are in Peace..Thank you for everything sue

From mervinthepogi:
I know that we don't talk much but I hope that you may rest in peace, and to be with our creator soon. Rest in Peace.

From wittyzell:
At first I really couldn’t believe that you’re gone. I didn’t want to believe it. You were so happy chatting with us, goofing around and even responding to comments in Hive. I was in shock that you’re now gone. You even messaged me in the morning, asking about the Ghibli Museum. I shall go there for you, I know you really want to go. I’ll bring you there with me. And I really hope you become a mermaid in your next life as what you have wished, that was what you told me in our last interaction on chain.
I’m still in tears as I recall our moments together. It may be brief but I felt like I have known you for a long time already. I still could remember your smile, and the very first time I read one of your posts. To our very dearest friend Erika Sue, I will forever keep you in my heart. You’re one of the sweetest person that I have ever met online. I hope you rest in peace.

From chileng17:
I know that we rarely talk but one thing for sure...You will be missed.. rest in peace you beautiful soul Erika Sue

From leoneil:
We haven't really interacted at all, but just by judging your posts and messages both in Hive and Discord tells me you're a good person. May you have eternal rest.

From ruffatotmeee:
Yo' Erika, kay bilis mo namang nawala. Di pa tayo gaanong close pero feeling ko talaga masaya kang maging kaibigan. Nakakalungkot lang na ang bilis mong umalis. Ni hindi pa tayo super close, feelinh close pa naman ako kaya for sure mangyayari sana yan soon, kasooo 🥺. Di man maganda ang way ng paglisan mo, sobrang sakit man ng huling naranasan mo, sana diyan sa kinaroroonan mo ngayon ee masaya kana. Sana comfortable ka at di ka nag iisa. Mananatili ka sa ala ala namin, pangako ❤️.
Paalam Erika Sue, be happy.

From jeansapphire:
Oh my god Erika Sue huhuhu. Why oh why? I'm travelling while your gone. Don't know what happened to you. Thanks for being nice to me sis that you really visit my blogs and leaving a comments. Last time I've seen you on hive while you are singing. Love your voice sis that I don't have that kind of talent. I'm gonna missed you sis. Thanks for being my virtual friend here at dc/hive. Rest in peace my Erika..

From zehn34:
Rest in paradise Erika Sue. By reading other messages, I know your a good person. I just visited one of your hive open mic and you have a lovely voice.

From lhes:
We were all shocked because of your sudden death @Erika Sue , though we only shared a few conversations on discorr server and on Hive I felt sa sad upon hearing the news! You were too young 😭. Rest in peace and we will be praying for your soul.

From moontrader:
Oh, Ate erika😭 I didn't expect that you will be gone early. Rest in Peace and I love you 🕊️💞

From cthings:
We were saddened by your quick death. Just like what you've told us last game night, babawi ka next life. Bawi ka dyan, Erika. You will be remembered. I bet heaven is rejoicing for having your beautiful soul. Rest easy.

From grecyg:
Napaka bait mo at very talented. Ang sakit na sa ganung paraan ka pa nawala. Sobrang sakit. I pagdadasal kita at pamilya mo, Kung sana nababasa mo pa ito.

From jane1289:
Erika Sue, your sudden tragic death made me feel blue. How did we meet? Through interactions, I bet. We may not be that close, but I felt your pure soul like a beautiful white rose. Your words are still written in my mind, pure, humble, and kind. When I heard your voice, I was awed. It's sweet, gentle, and angelic that I applaud. Your stay in the community may be short, but your impact, nothing can distort. I know you won't like your tragic demise, no one does. But could you please, rest in peace? Goodbye beautiful soul.

From jonalyn2020:
Erika Sue , thank you for all the good memories you shared to us. For being a very supportive member here in Hiveph even though we only knew you virtually, but we felt your kindness through your words. You're one of those new members here in discord that gave colors to every conversation. And for the short time, you already make a space in our hearts. But I know, everything has a reason. No matter what it is, we will still see you in the future. I know you will be hurt seeing us mourn, but we will try our best to lift each other especially your ate @pinkchic. We all try to support and comfort your ate as I know that you love her so much. You will forever be missed and cherished Erika.
To @pinkchic, I want you to know that Erika has a family here in discord, and so are you. 💞 Big hug sis..

From jenthoughts:
Erika Sue , we are not that close because we just met but I am hoping to see you face to face when Jesus comes.

From garrethgrey:
Erika Sue , we weren't that close, everyone knows that. But the day that I learned about the incidents that cause your death, I got shocked and honestly got devastated. We might not close to get devastated like that, as we haven't met in person but the thing that triggers my heartaches was your sudden death. It was too fast. I also lose 2 family members so sudden like how your family lose you, and so I cannot help but to feel the same emotions that probably your family was feeling right now. I'm sorry for what happen. Your too young to left, but I would pray that wherever you are right now, you find peace. Thank you for the kindness that you once showed to me/to us.

From yen1503:
Hello Erika Sue . Until now I still can believe that youre gone. I had no decent sleep for 2 nights because I'm thinking of you 😭 Maybe we never met in person but I really feel the connection with you. I always love when you call me Ate always. I still remember your first post on Hive and from there I didn't stop to comment on your post about travels. You also make me happy when you start to sing in Hive Open Mic and even show your video to my husband 😊I hope you are at peace now with our heavenly father. Thank you for the memories virtually. You will be forever missed Erika ❤️


You are forever loved my dearest Sister 😭😭😭😭😭 I love you very very much! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

My deepest condolences to you and your family @pinkchic. May Erika rest in peace.

Thank you so much for always remembering my dearest sister erika @livinguktaiwan

@erikasue was a great lady I came across with first time in the #hiveopenmic community. When I heard her voice singing, I complimented her beauty and I couldn't understand how my heart clicked to her immediately.
It was indeed a shock when I heard she had passed onto the great beyond. Such a lovely lady.

May she continue to rest in the Lord and may God comfort your family for such great loss. 🙏

Dear friend princess 😭🙏 Thank you so much.

I'm so sorry for your loss. Please accept my condolences.

Thanks a lot @leeart 😭🙏


@pinkchic What an absolute tragedy. My deepest condolences to you and your family and may her memory burn brightly in your hearts for all eternity.

This is really so painful @nathen007 It happened in a blink and what a very traumatic experience 😭😭🙏 Thanks a lot for all the love for my dearest sister erika.

Sending lots of love and prayers your way. This is really sad news ;(

Thank you very much my friend for your prayers 🙏🙏🙏 Thanks a lot for loving my dearest sister Erika.

I'm so sorry for you loss

It's never an easy thing to lose a family member and loved one

My sincere condolences 💐💖

Thank you very much for your comforting words dear friend @stevenson7 😭🙏

My deepest condolences.
I have never met your sister, but I know that she will be forever loved.
My deepest sympathies.

Surely my sister loves you my friend silver. Thank you very much for loving my dearest sister Febe Erika.

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I was not blessed to cross paths with ErikaSue while she was here on Hive, but from what I can easily see, she made a positive impression on many in her short time here. She must have been like a shooting star, burning brilliantly and beautifully while leaving a glittery trail behind her for all to see and enjoy. Rest in Peace, dear shooting star, and I wish peace and comfort to your sister and all your family and friends. 💜

Erika.. I will truly treasure the brief yet sweetest memories we share.
Rest in peace our dearest @erikasue..

Our last interaction on chain, I’ll forever remember this.
Whenever I think of a mermaid, I’ll think of you.

I hope your family, loved ones and friends will be comforted.

I am still in total disbelief. 😰 Erika is like a sister here on hive when she calls us sis, she is just so sweet. I think I really connected with her as fellow bisaya. I am so saddened by this news. I just can't believe it...

Farewell Erika Sue. You will be missed. With all my heart thank you for the memories. 😭😭😭

I never knew Erika, but heard about it from @wittyzell . Life is fleeting, and it is always tragic for one to be taken away so early. My condolences for your loss.

Farewell, Erika. You will surely be missed. Thank you for the memories. 🥺

I don't think I ever had any interactions with Erika, but it's always really tough to see the loss of a member of Hive. It's a very strong realisation of the human behind the account.

This place thrives on the idea of community, so the loss of any single member ends up being a huge loss for us all.

She popped up on my post a few times to support me and with a heavy heart, I pray that her soul rest in peace.

I pray to the Almighty God to comfort the family of the deceased. 💔

I was very sad to hear that. I never met her or saw her posts, but from what I can see, the hive has lost a valuable person. Rest in peace Erika .

So sad... It just keep being so depressing by every word I read from this post 😢😭

Can't believe she's really gone... I got to know her through her singing in the Hive Open Mic, what a voice she had! 😕

May her sweet soul rest in peace, and my condolence to you @pinkchic and your family 😢❤️

Thanks a lot dear friend for your comforting words 😭🙏

Oh dear, God will strengthen you... I'm very sure of that

Not that I've interacted with her before, but as someone who has met many people thanks to Hive, it would be devastating news to lose an acquaintance.

Rest in peace. ❤

I'm lost for words on how life can be taken away just like that. RIP


I'm a 'silent member' in HivePh Discord but I have an active "exchange of comments and replies" with Erika. I saw how supportive she had been to the community. 🥺 It was heartbreaking to hear the news that she was gone.💔

Both Hive and DepEd lost a creative & wonderful blogger/teacher.💔😭

Condolences to the bereaved family. Rest in Peace Sue.🙏🕊

I learned of the passing of this dear soul, after seeing a heartfelt comment from @wittyzell in The Terminal Discord. While I did not have the honor of meeting this wonderful person... I can see from all of the wonderful, positive, and loving replies. That she was truly a beacon of light, for everyone that knew her, or had the pleasure of learning about her. Please send my positive energy, prayers, and love, to all those who have been touched by this loss.

Love and light...



pakikiramay sayo at sa buong pamilya., 🙏🙏🙏

oh man, so terribly sad! Hope she as well as her friends and family will find peace <3

Rest in peace my friend. We really can't believe you're gone now. We're all lost and sad for not having you around anymore. I will always remember your encouragement words and I will continue singing. Hope you hear my song for you.
I will remember this words from you in our last conversation.

So terribly sorry to hear this tragic news @pinkchic. I'm so very sorry for your family's loss!! Please know that as soon as I send this message I will be praying over your family and asking God to hug your hearts close. God bless your family!!!

Thank you so much dear friend @dreemsteem 😭🙏 This is really so painful and traumatic. Thanks a lot for all the care and love for my family. Sending love.

I will not forget the time we talked and shared ideas about blogging in discord. I know everything has a reason. You will be missed dearly. Rest well, my friend.

i am still in shock. i read this early morning when i suddenly woke up, reblog it even and wished it was only just a dream. but then, here it is, it's true that ate erika is really gone. she will be missed and our few interaction here in hive will be my treasured memories.rest in peace, ate @erikasue, you're an angel gone too soon. my condolences for the bereaved family and friends. 🙏🏻

I honestly missed some of her posts and was shocked by this news. You are dearly loved by everyone who knows you, in and out of this community, especially your family.
You will surely be missed.
*Mateo 10:29 Hindi baga ipinagbibili ng isang beles ang dalawang maya? at kahit isa sa kanila'y hindi mahuhulog sa lupa kung hindi pahintulot ng inyong Ama.
Rest in peace our Dear @erikasue, you will always be loved and remembered.

It saddens to see life's fleeting promise fade and I cannot claim to know how your family is dealing with your absence but from what I can see you impacted lives and will be missed. Though this is not enough but it is the only consolation one can give; that your memory will always be of light, love and laughter and you leaving will be a reminder to those who knew and loved you and myself who did not cross paths with you of the brevity of life and how much we can give of ourselves while we live to make it a powerful statement of our enduring humanity after we are gone. Your presence on here was never in vain nor your leaving. May you find peace and may your family find the strength to smile when they think of you. Rest in peace Erika 🤲🏿🕊️

Nakakaiyak 😭😭. Her untimely death also formed fear and worries in me. We aren't that close but we interact occasionally and I can tell that she has a pure heart.
You may rest in peace @erikasue 😢😢

❤️🕯️Rest in Peace Erika Sue. We've truly Lost a Hive gem. Going through your blog, listening to you sing so beautifully, We love you but heaven loves you more. Rest in peace and fly with the angels.🕯️❤️

Erika I am still down and shock. And I got scared. Wherever you are I still wish you at peace and I will be praying for you. Thanks for all the help you've given me.

I am still in total shock. We may not have known each other personally, but Hive allow us to have our paths crossed. Salamat sa short and sweet memory. Rest in paradise sis @erikasue. Praying for your beautiful soul 🙏 You will surely be missed 😭😭😭

🙏 ✝️🕊✝️ 🙏

I am sorry to hear about the
sudden and tragic loss of Erika Sue.

Praying for you @pinkchic, your family
and all those who loved her.

May Erika's beautiful soul
rest in eternal peace.

🙏 ✝️🕊✝️ 🙏

Taga Cebu ba siya? Dami kong iyak at diko alam na pino promote daw niya post ko,kilala siguro niya ako. Sobrang iyak ko,Rest In Peace Gang! Condolence to #suello family!

Mindanao, manolo bukidnon po

Oh my God, taga Bukidnoon pala.

Sending much love to your sister, @pinkchic, and the rest of your family. This is incredibly sad news to face this week. @erikasue your light shone brightly in the short time that you were on Hive and that you were a dreemer. Much love 💗

Sam 😭😭😭 Thank you so much for loving my sister.

Oh, darling, my thoughts are with you and your family 💔 Sending you so much love right now and praying for God to bring you all peace !LUV

This is very traumatic and painful sam 😭 It happened in a blink. Until now I am still mourning. Thabk you so much for all the love for my dearest sister Febe Erika. I so appreciate your presence. Much love from me!


I'm still lost with words!

I'm still remembering how much fun we had in Hiveph Discord!

Kulang na ung DEDEMON😢


Ughhh brings back memories.. erika 💔

You really have that sweet voice, Erika. Unfortunately, we will not be hearing it anymore. 😢

You will always be remembered. Thank you for all the memories you shared here in hive and on discord. I still can't believe it.😥

🥺 sue 💔

Thank you @erikasue for a short period of time na nakausap kita. You are now an angel my friend. May you find peace in the better place with God. You will always be remembered. We love you our Angel Hiver!! ✨💞🕊️


Though I have not had a personal contact with her but have gone through her blog sometime ago.

But the post and comments from people shows that she was really kind.
This is so sad to hear. I do morn with the family, I pray God grants them a heart to bear the loss also to all the hive family.

What a tradegy! We mourn you dearest erikasue!
You are loved by many folks here on hive and I wish that life would have given you a second chance to relive again! Oh what a loss! So young to be taken away from this world! A soul filled with vitality and strength, why so soon! This is heartbreaking honestly...I can't believe it....a #dreemer and more!

It is absolutely devastating when the life of such a young member of our community is cut short so suddenly. The interactions I had with @erikasue were so full of joy and kindness.

My deepest condolences to you and your family @pinkchic
Farewell Erika, rest in peace ❤️

Thank you very much dear friend @arcange for remembering my dearest sister Febe Erika most especially for all the love and care that she deserves 😭🙏 I can’t thank you enough but this means a lot to our family in this darkest time. What a traumatic and painful experience 😭😭😭

Horrible news. RIP Erika.

Rest well beautiful soul! 🙏🏽✨✨✨

O no… that makes me sad to hear this, we chatted many times. So unreal… 😢
Rest in peace Erika, you will be missed.
My condolence to @pinkchic and family.

Thank you for all the live and care dear friend @littlebee4 😭🙏

You are welcome, bigggg huggggg 🤗🤗🤗

Goodbye Ericka, I hope we meet in the afterlife.

I'm still in shock, can't believe it. RIP and my condolences to the family.
Erika Sue, we will miss you!

Rest in peace Erika, I never got to know such a beautiful soul but my heart break 💔💔💔💔 at the news of your death, my condolence to you @pinkchic and your family.

Thank you so mich for remember my sister dear friend @leemah1 😭🙏

I didn´t know Erika but this post just broke my heart... So sad, so tragic :( Rest in peace beautiful soul.

Oh, this is heartbreaking! I'm so sorry to hear this. Erika's such a lovely lady! She's one of the friendliest hiveph members I've encountered and often visits and comments on my posts. You will forever be remembered, sis! 🙏

May you and your family find peace in these tough times, @erikasue. It was a pleasure knowing you thru @hiveopenmic. Sorry for your loss @pinkchic. Condolences to the whole fam. XXX

Thank you so much dear friend @chichi18 😭😭😭🙏

This is so sad. I've only had a few encounters with her but in those times she has shared a lot. Paryers to the family.

This is sad news.
I may not be familiar with her since I joined this platform just recently, nevertheless, losing a life so suddenly is horrible.

My condolences to the family.

I read ErikaSue's last post before I knew what had happened. I was ready to reply with my comment...So devastating to read the news in the comments. I wish the very best for her family and friends during this difficult time. R.I.P. 💐🌸🌻

Oh! So sad, it hurt so much to hear of this, rest well.

Nkikiramay po kami condolences to your family. So sad but we need to enjoy our precious time.

Im an inactive of Hive PH discord but I saw the news, super nakaka shock talaga, dati-dati nakikita ko lang siya na laging nagwawave sa mga bago Hive PH discord 😔

Very very sad news, condolences to @pinkchic and may Erika rest in peace!
She is already missed by the whole Hive family 💔

Until now, it is really hard to accept that my sister is gone dear friend @mipiano Thank you so much for all the love and care for my dearest sister Febe Erika. Sending love from Ph.

I can't even imagine what you are going through. 💔
Must be very hard :(((
Take care 🤗

This is really disheartening 😭my condolences to the family.
I pray God give them the strength to bear the loss😥😥

Erika :(


condolences to you and your family, erika, may you rest easy😢💛

I am also very sorry for this incident, she is still young and beautiful, she has tremendous potential in writing, to be honest, I did not know her closely, but some articles that I have read from various platforms made me want to explore them further and now I have know it. as humans living on earth we will never know our time in the world, children, teenagers, both even to the old age there will be time for all of us, the best dedication has been given to users who are on hive. as a big family in hive I just pray that all the good he has done during his life can be accepted by the Almighty, the best and the best is presented by us to you who are potential and kind, your love and sacrifice will always be remembered and will never be forgotten. forgotten. you are happy there and you are the best, thank you for your gift our most beloved friend @erikasue

I feel so sad to hear of this loss in the community.
We can't question God, he knows best.
I pray that her soul rest in peace.
....and may God give the @pinkchic family the strength to bear this great loss.

It's so sad, I may not have known her but her departure breaks my heart 😭

Condolences to the family. May her soul rest in peace 🙏🙏🙏

I am so sad to hear this news. She is a woman who is great at singing. I love her beautiful voice. May you rest in peace my friend.

blessings on your journey little mermaid

I don't know him, but I get the feeling that he is very much loved by the Hive community and his friends. Life is short for some and long for others. I wish him to rest in peace and may his place be in paradise. I also express my condolences to all his friends who knew him.

Have rest in the bossom of the most high God you your work on earth would always be remembered. Rest on

Deepest condolences on your loss. The community is less without her.

Rest in Peace Erika.

Condolences to the entire Family🙏🙏

She was a blessing to the community. On hive, her beautiful memories lives on.

I pray God grants the family the fortitude to bear such great loss 💖

This is depressing shocking news. Hope @pinkchic and family find strength in these times. Deepest condolences to the family

Thanks dear friend @ace108 😭🙏

You're welcome.

Accept my condolences @pinkchic for such an irreparable loss God give comfort to your family members blessings 🙏😭

Thank you very much dear friend nill😭🙏

It made me cry, diko nakita or na meet but the news, nakakagulat🙁 I'm not so active too. Rest in peace!

It is very sad :(( 💔

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Idk why I feel sad after watching and reading this article. There's inside of me where I remembered one of my friend who died also. She's been with us and playing online games with us also, she gives happiness and shared things that she experienced. Rest in paradise Erika, we'll keep praying for your soul

✨✨✨🙏🏽 Rest well beautiful soul! 🙏🏽✨✨✨