Do you know exercise to do body shaping through exercise?

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Do you know exercise to do body shaping through exercise?

We have a misconception that exercise means going to the gym and playing for a lot of money. But there is a way if there is a will in words. So today I will talk about some exercises that you do not need to go out of the house. You can do body shaping at home through exercise. You can have an attractive figure by doing these simple exercises in the space of our daily work without having to worry about any extra cost. Let's take a look at the exercises.


Body shaping through exercise

  • Warm up

The body should be prepared before doing all kinds of exercises, and this is called warm up. Take a chair on which you can sit and get up again if you want. Now sit in the chair once, get up again. Sit fully and stand up completely. At this time, keep both hands on the outside of the body as if to force. Do this for 1 minute. Make sure the process is not too fast or too slow.

  • Climb the stairs

There can be no more effective exercise for burning calories. We all have stairs in our house, so walk up the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. Do this exercise several times a day. Not everyone's home is the same height. For example, suppose someone's house is 6 Storeys and another person's house is 4 Storeys. So the first person will climb the 1st floor twice and the second person will climb the 1st floor 4 times.

  • Wall squat

This exercise enhances the shape of the thighs and hips. Stand with your back against the wall. Keep your legs 1 foot away from the wall. Just as seen in picture-1. Now with the pressure on the wall and the weight on the knees half-down. I mean, sit up. Bend at a 90 degree angle. If you have trouble understanding my writing, see picture 2. Stay in the first position as long as you have stamina. But if you get used to it, try to stay like this for 1 minute. Then gradually increase the time.

  • Biceps Carls

The biceps is the muscle in the upper part of our arm. This is the muscle along the shoulder up to the elbow. Biceps Carls Weight Lifting Exercise is one of the most basic exercises. Fill a half liter bottle with water. If you want, you can take the water bottle or GYM equipment or dumbbell you are looking at in the picture. Hold the water-filled bottle in your hand. Then bend your elbows a little and bring them along your shoulders. Leaving it like this, you have to count up to 20. Then lower the hand and place it in the normal position. Repeat this process 4-5 times.

  • Shoulder exercises

Sit in a chair. Fill two half-liter bottles with water. Take 2 bottles in both hands and bend the elbows slightly with the hands 2 outwards along the shoulders. Just like you see in the first picture. Leave it like this and multiply up to 20. Then, with the arms bent like in the second picture, bring the hands up to the two shoulders and bring them upwards, counting the hands up to 1-10 and bring them to the normal position. Do this 10-12 times each.

  • Triceps deep

The triceps is the muscle at the base of the arm, from the armpits to the elbows. All you need is a chair to do this exercise. Sit in a chair and gently push yourself forward and press the front of the chair with both hands behind the body. That is, grasp the place where we sit. Move your legs forward and you come out of the chair and sit down. Now push your body down once and come up again. This process will continue 10-12 times. Through this exercise, your tryps will be toned. If your arm is obese then do biceps curls and this exercise together. Your arm will get a lot of shape.
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