IAAC. #53. Day 03/07/2021. My musical experience 13


🎼Greetings to everyone on the #HIVE platform, and in the #ALIVE and #musicforlife communities, thank you for the opportunity to be able to participate. Today I continue with my #53 challenge, my 13th musical experience, and begin to celebrate the joy of being alive

🎼Sitting in front of the computer listening to music, sweet company in these moments where we do not have many options to share personally with other people, for security reasons and I would say that even out of respect for those who have become ill and those who have lost their loved ones, product of the pandemic, there is always the music to brighten the senses, also keeps me alert, electronic, rock, pop or ballads usually accompany me during these endless hours while surfing the web, the activity in decentralized platforms take you from one user to another, by reference or because you decide to look for it, the information is primordial and is within our reach, as well as the music, marking the pace and the speed at which you want to go, accompanying you in the journey through cyberspace, the interest in the content I find in the decentralized platforms, sometimes throws you to a place and then to another, the knowledge is there and it depends on us if we want to use it or not, here people do not discuss for reasons or personal views, who does not like it do not read it, do not vote and that's it. .. Changing the subject, today I was in the health care center getting the second dose of the vaccine, sinophain, they informed me via WhatsApp that you have to wait 21 days after the second dose, so that the immune system reaches the maximum of its effectiveness which is 95% protection against the virus, I returned home had lunch and slept for a moment to wake up with energy for more music and interaction in the networks. Take care of yourselves!



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