IAAC. #52. Day 02/07/2021. My musical experience 12


🎼Greetings to everyone on the #HIVE platform, and in the #ALIVE and #musicforlife communities, thank you for the opportunity to be able to participate. Today I continue with my #52 challenge, my 12th musical experience, and begin to celebrate the joy of being alive

🎼 Today was a day something out of the normal, although a little routine, the pc was quite slow to be honest and that causes me some delay in the publications, but to tell the truth I consider to have achieved with the planned and of course I have reached the goal, which is so to speak, the publication that I am writing, always accompanied by a good musical background to relax and get inspired, and concentrate better on what I write, I feel that my hands go alone on the keyboard and well is what you have been reading in these last publications, after discovering the group music4live I decided to dedicate a few publications to music to tell the truth I am something of a music lover, the songs whose lyrics touch life like a walk and give us the feeling of being immersed in a universe where everything is music and joy are the ones that fill my soul in full, there are other types of songs, those that just by listening to them make you move your skeleton to dance to exhaustion, and yet you never lose the desire to dance those are the songs that make you feel alive, there are the songs whose lyrics are like poems of love and pain, those are the ones that shake your soul and fill your mind with the fullness of having lived. Hearing, feeling, transmitting, living and sharing, that's what music is all about, singing, songs, the joy that flows from the soul, for the soul, and that goes straight to the ear to flood our senses.


Posted via MusicForLife.io


Posted via MusicForLife.io

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