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A couple of months ago a friend told me that he had downloaded to his mobile phone an application that allowed him to mine Ethereum in the cloud and that he had received his first rewards, they were not large sums, but he did not have to do anything more than installing it and the telephone took care of everything, although he did tell me that on several occasions they had offered to "increase" his mining capacity by hiring a subscription.

Trying not to offend him, I told him that I greatly doubted these applications since people who were dedicated to mining invested significant sums of money in equipment, infrastructure, and other expenses derived from electricity consumption, refrigeration, and maintenance of the equipment. It was hard for me to believe that with a free app for a mid-range phone you could make money mining Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency. Without wanting to argue and at his insistence that he had already had results, I left him alone.

A couple of days ago I read in a specialized media that after an investigation by the security firm Trend Micro, Google had removed from its download platform Google Play, not one but several cloud mining applications that had resulted in a scam or at least in an attempt to scam the unsuspecting users of them.

I immediately called my friend to inform him of the novelty and it turns out that he had already given up its use and had uninstalled it, not because he had read anything about it but because from that moment he had never received any reward but on the contrary, they had filled it of advertisements referring to supposed improvements in the services with subscriptions that reached up to 200 dollars and for worse, every time he entered to see the balance of his rewards that except in the first days it was always shown without alterations, he had to watch videos of equipment and components for mining.

He understood only that the little money he was awarded in those early days was just a "hook" to catch him as if he were a fish.

Regarding the article, I was surprised that Google removed eight applications of these characteristics, although Trend Micro says that there are many more, there are even more than 200 that are still in the store, most of them are free, although there are also some that must be paid.

According to statistics from the Google Play store, the withdrawn applications had added more than one hundred thousand downloads, so it is estimated that the victims may be many.

We must be attentive to all these traps, nobody gives anything away or profits are obtained by spontaneous generation.


Un par de meses atrás un amigo me comentó que había bajado a su teléfono móvil una aplicación que le permitía minar Ethereum en la nube y que ha había recibido sus primeras recompensas, no eran sumas importantes, pero no tenía que hacer nada más que instalarla y el teléfono se encargaba de todo, aunque si me comentó que en varias oportunidades le habían ofrecido “aumentar” su capacidad de minado contratando un abono.

Tratando de no ofenderlo le dije que dudaba mucho de esas aplicaciones ya que las personas que se dedicaban a la minería invertían importantes sumas de dinero en equipamiento, infraestructura y otros gastos derivados del consumo eléctrico, refrigeración y mantenimiento de los equipos. Se me hacía difícil creer que con una aplicación gratuita para un teléfono de gama media se pudiera ganar dinero minando Ethereum o cualquier otra criptomoneda. Sin querer polemizar y ante su insistencia sobre que ya había tenido resultados, lo dejé tranquilo.

Hace un par de días leí en un medio especializado que luego de una investigación de la firma de seguridad Trend Micro, Google había retirado de su plataforma de descarga Google Play, no una sino varias aplicaciones de minería en la nube que habían resultado en una estafa o al menos en un intento de estafa a los incautos usuarios de las mismas.

Inmediatamente llamé a mi amigo para informarle de la novedad y resulta que ya había desistido de su uso y ha había desinstalado, no por haber leído nada al respecto sino porque desde aquel momento nunca más había recibido recompensa alguna sino que por el contrario lo habían llenado de publicidades referidas a supuestas mejoras en el servicios con abonos que llegaban hasta os 200 dólares y para peor, cada vez que ingresaba a ver el saldo de sus recompensan que salvo en los primeros días siempre se mostró sin alteraciones, tenía que ver videos de equipos y componentes para minado.

Comprendió solo que el escaso dinero que le adjudicaron en esos primeros días era solo un “gancho” para capturarlo como si fuera un pez.

Respecto al artículo me sorprendió que Google retirara ocho aplicaciones de esas características, aunque Trend Micro dice que hay muchas más, inclusive se habla de más de 200 que aun continúan en la tienda, la mayoría son gratuitas, aunque también hay algunas que deben abonarse.

Según estadísticas de la tienda Google Play, las aplicaciones retiradas habían sumado más de cien mil descargas por lo que se estima que los damnificados pueden ser muchos.

Debemos estar atentos a todas estas trampas, nadie regala nada ni se obtienen beneficios por generación espontánea.

Las fotografías son de mi propiedad excepto las que menciono la fuente.
The photographs are my property except those mentioned by the source.

Héctor Gugliermo

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Trying not to offend him, I told him that I greatly doubted these applications

Due to emergence of such apps, since most of us in Hive are somehow aware of what is going on and can determine what could possibly a scam or not I am doing the same to my friends especially the ones who are joining the hype.

Sad to say, when I rebuke them about the possible dangers of installing such apps they will only respond back that "there's nothing to lose when I downloaded it, it is just some information being provided" which is alarming as personal information and permissions to our devices is a big thing especially if it will be used to deceit others.

I was surprised that Google removed eight applications of these characteristics, although Trend Micro says that there are many more, there are even more than 200 that are still in the store, most of them are free, although there are also some that must be paid.

Not really sure on how it works, I think that Google needed some reports from the users before they take action to such applications. But hopefully, before they launch an app through their playstore someone from their team would review the app thoroughly to make sure that it is safe to be used. I have noticed a lot in the playstore whereas the ratings is at 1 star and feedbacks are in the negative but still the app is available for download.

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