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The most practical part begins here, we will see some of the most relevant techniques that will allow us to promote that work motivation that we need.

The first recommendation is to advise:
When we want the best for the other person, we want to give advice in a clear way, we must do it in a constructive way.

We are realistic and we know that a single advice does not have the ability to transform, affected employee motivation, but neither can we underestimate the impact that advice can have on an employee when it is given in the right way and at the right time.

How can we identify good advice?
We can if increase the effectiveness of a council and for this it must contain the following:

  • You must specifically identify the goal or problem.
  • We must demonstrate why and why the change is important.
  • There must be a recommendation for a specific change.

Whatever the advice, if the company also offers the means and strategies for change it will be very helpful and in this way the required change can be produced.


Aquí comienza la parte mas práctica, veremos algunas de las técnicas mas relevantes que nos permitirán fomentar esa motivación laboral que necesitamos.

La primer recomendación es aconsejar:
Cuando deseamos lo mejor para la otra persona, queremos dar un consejo de manera clara, debemos hacerlo de manera constructiva.

Somos realistas y sabemos que un único consejo no tiene la capacidad de transformar afectado la motivación de los empleados pero tampoco podemos tomar en poco el impacto que un consejo puede producir en un empleado cuando se da de la manera adecuada y en el momento adecuado.

¿Como podemos identificar un buen consejo?
Podemos si aumentar la efectividad de un consejo y para ello debe contener lo siguiente:

  • Debe identificar de manera específica el objetivo o el problema.
  • Debemos demostrar el porqué y para que es importante el cambio.
  • debe existir una recomendación de un cambio específico.

Cualquiera que sea el consejo, si la empresa también ofrece los medios y estrategias para el cambio será de mucha ayuda y de esta manera se puede producir el cambio requerido.



Motivation of the employee is very important, you have spoken well, in every organization we have to let the employee see than yourself as an important person.

Because they love you appreciate
them, whenever they give advice and buy there advice.

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@abbey877 Your comment is very correct, when the employee is listened to and their needs are attended to, it is also a very effective way of motivation. What do you think most motivates employees? Thank you!

Friendly environment and positive communication also help the employees in motivating.

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@supiya.gupta Exactly, I think that's what google has implemented with great success, right?