Progress Report - January 2022

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February 1st, 2022
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Monthly Progress Report - January

New year and a new batch of numbers. The year has started out pretty nice for me in some aspects I increased my Hive Power holdings by almost two hundred Hive. For me that makes for a great start for the year.

Monthly Charts and Tables

The Monthly Progress Report Table:

January table

As mentioned above almost 200 Hive Power increase. This year I am going to try and power up 1 Hive a day. I missed 5 days in January, and I hope to do better in the coming months.

I have started to track my HBD savings and Interest earnings, I just have not figured out how to display it in a usable manner. On the 16th I received 1.029 HBD interest on 100.79 HBD I had in my savings account. The next day I added 3.181 to bring my total in savings to 105 HBD. On the 19th I added another 5 HBD for a total savings of 110 HBD.

With the advent of HBD being more than a one to one ratio for buying HIVE I took 10 HBD out on the 22ndto buy some Hive spaced out over the course of several days. Leaving me with my current HBD savings of 100 HBD. I would still like to get my HBD savings up close to the 500 mark.

Earnings Pie

Jan 2022 earnings pie

Just a reminder HBD-C is not a super accurate number, it is based on converting HBD earned to Hive on the day of posting. With HBD become more stable it is a good approximation of what the daily value would have been.

Curation rewards are doing pretty good. Even with the recent price drop in Hive I am still getting almost 3 Hive a day. The power of Hive Power, and voting for stuff you like, or people you like.

Monthly Account Growth

Jan 2022 account growth

This will be my fun chart to watch over the course of the year. I am hoping it will stay up in the 200 range for each month, only time will tell. 200 is a good start though.

Engagement Charts and Tables:

Being the first month some pretty empty tables and charts. It is difficult to present just one month of data, but over the course of the year the charts will fill in.


Jan 2022 comments and replies

A much better start than Jan of last year. I would like to try and keep the number of comments in the mid 300 range, but there are days that I just can not comment due to health, such as the last 3 or 4 days of Jan where I dropped down in the low single digit comments. health plays a strong role in commenting, if I can not understand what I read I can not comment on it, brain fog takes hold every now and then.


Jan 2022 post

A pretty good start for me post wise. I would still like to try and get that to at least 10 post a month but I tried that last year also and was not very successful. maybe this year will be a little bit different.

Engagement League

Weekly Comments

Jan 2022 weekly league comments

Not to bad of a start for the year. I like trying to get at least 10 comments a day out, but some weeks it is just hard as I mentioned above. I expect that com the first Monday in Feb my count will be down unless I can find some energy somewhere.

Weekly Standing

Jan 2022 weekly league standings

Not a very stellar start to the year, I hope to be able to get back into the 30's for standings, and I am hoping I make the list next Monday. I did miss the list once last year about this time frame, and hope to not have a repeat performance.

Conclusions and side notes

The last week of January has been a struggle for me. We had another driveway saga event on the 27th and 28th. I have the pictures, I just have not had the energy or brain power to make the post.

Today we have this:

weather alert

Source Winter Weather Advisory

Not a fun thing when you are already feeling under the weather, but to actually have to deal with the snow removal when you have no energy is doubly no fun.

About The Hive Engagement League

The Hive Engagement League the link is to Mondays post. Asher started the league over on steem block chain, when he moved to Hive he brought the league with him and has been posting results since April 5, 2020.

I have been tracking myself and building a spreadsheet for all the thing he tracks for us, thus it was pretty easy to come up with the number of votes, number of comments and post and other information. He provides a pretty handy tool of information all in one place.

It is very easy to join and make yourself available to his tool, of course you would have to try and keep yourself in the top 100 to make use of his table, I did miss one week of not making the cut in 2021, I hope not to miss a week this year. To join simply leave abh12345 a comment on the post asking and he will add you in for the next week tracker.

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Everything okay mate?

I had a few lung issues just left a very very short post. My lungs collapsed on me and I just got out of the hospital.

Thank you for the concern

Thanks for the update and congrats on a good January! I've also started the year well on engagement and HP increase. I've been ill with covid the last week so that will cause a hit though but these types of tracking do help to keep us consistent.

Keep up the great work!


This last week and a half will take a toll, I don't think it's covid for me, just yearly Kenai Crud, from all the kids going back to school after the holidays.

It is nice to be able to look back at where you were and were you are now.

yup back to school always brings some unwelcome bug home! All the best with it!

@tdctunes(1/4) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

This is something that I had planned but unable to take action of. Haha I failed last month and will at least try to catch up with my engagement this month.

It was hard for me o at first get going, after a bit I did start and have been doing pretty good since then.


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I hope things improve!


Here's hoping you're okay @bashadow... Noticed you haven't posted for a while..
Best wishes

I had a lung collapse on me and have just gotten out of the hospital. Thanks for the concern.

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I'll take a look, it may take me a bit, I/ve been out of commission.