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RE: Farming Tales and OneUp Cartel Investment: Operator Cartel's Weekly Report (ENG/ITA)

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Ouch that ROI is rough. It seems like if you're not in the early access and get packs are normal values you're pretty much screwed which is kind of disapointing. It's been a heavy trend I've been seeing lately. Even with the popular game farmingworld if you didn't pick up an axe and fishing poll at the start you either heavily over paid about 2 months ago to the point now where the prices have been crushed to try and get more people in. It's for sure a weird blancing game with some serious risk but I still live for it!

Curious how ROIs would be now if prices are falling.

It's not just the game assets it's the value of wax swings you have to price in as well.


Yes the ROI is negative but the game has particularity and potential.
I thought I had entered when prices had dropped to the maximum and instead they continued to fall.
It is not a good moment for Farming Tales but the development team is working well and most of the cards (+90%) are not for sale and this is a positive element.
For the moment I'm watching without investing further...let's see the future developments
Next Wednesday I will recalculate ROI and make evaluations based on current prices...


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Oh dang another token to learn. These gaming tokens always pull me in!

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