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RE: Aprender a venderse || Learn to sell

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You know you are right but at some point i thought you wanted to talk about marketing or something. And i was already looking forward to ask you a question because i feel I am not a type that knows how to market a product ot brand.
But since it is only centered on Selling then its not what I had in mind.
But you are right by the way, we all sell and its not only when it involves money

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@zellypearl The idea of selling I think it focuses on making something attractive to another person to want it and acquire it, and here marketing is necessary, to keep in mind that all the timp we do, since we look for a partner or when we want That our children help us with the homework as well as when we want to sell a product, do you think it's like that?

I know selling and marketing are inter-related because without the marketing skil, how then would one sell his or her products?