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RE: How do I apply for a job interview? - The doubts ESP]¿Cómo me presento en una entrevista laboral? - Las vestimenta

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@fullcolorpy what we wear to an interview matters a lot.
Also the choice of cloth for an interview depends on the organization/firm carrying out the interview.
Atimes we get confused on which attire to put on, but I'd say if you aren't sure on which attire to wear as regarding the organization just dress cooperate.

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Well said dear, most of the times what we were to an interview determines the outcome of the interview, for instance, someone who went for an interview for a bank job dress on native wear actually has seen himself/ herself off already, so whatever we were to an interview plays a huge role,

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Correcto @nasri11

@whiteangey Exacto, concuerdo contigo 100 % ¿Tienes algo para sugerir?, Muchas Gracias!

Exactly, I agree with you 100%. Do you have something to suggest? Thank you very much!

Well I have been to seminars on interviews but I have never been to an interview. But I will be glad to help.
So here is my suggestion;
Before you go for an interview, take out time to visit the organization in person, find out what they do and how their staffs dresses to work. It will help you understand where and what you are getting yourself into.

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