POBphoto Color Challenge :- Heliconia

The world is more beautiful because of the natural scenery. Our world is more beautiful and magical. We have a variety of flowers, fruits and animals in this world that help us to keep our minds well. Scenes but I always try in my mobile photography to present the pictures of flowers in front of you so today I brought back the pictures of flowers here as mobile photography.

I love to travel. Travel pictures You have seen my past posts but I have always tried to go to places where I have visited. Last week I went to a place in my gallery to put some good pictures in my gallery through mobile photography. There are a lot of things arranged in a natural way to go there, the mind is much calmer and fatigue is gone, but there is a reason for my peace of mind and the main reason to be free of fatigue is that there are some scenes that are really enough to keep myself much happier. I took a walk and there are some flowers and places to see but I really like the pictures of flowers so I will try to share with you today the pictures that I kept in my gallery as photography in my mobile photography.


The name of the yellow pool you see is Heliconia as far as I know

This fruit is usually of two types. The type of flower I have shown you is color. Another is red color. I am showing two pictures below.



These two types of flowers we usually see everywhere but I feel very blessed to be able to photograph such a beautiful flower because the picture of the flower falls in front of my eyeswhen I was moving from one place to another and I can see it through my mobile photography. I shared with you





The biggest thing is that the pictures you see are in the center of the pictures I took with my mobile photography but one thing is I don't know the names of these flowers I tried to find out the names of the flowers then I couldn't give you that much information here but I will try to share with you the details about flowers before I post next, but I did today's post on this platform for the first time in photography, I hope you get support and love.

Thank you all very much. I hope you like these pictures. I have tried to present my work to you through my mobile photography. If there is any mistake in my work, please forgive me. I hope you have found the mistake in my work. Be sure to let me know that information in my comment box so that I can move forward based on your feedback to make my work better by putting my mistakes away in the next block.

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