For some mistakes the brain stops working [POB POWER ]

The brains of all the people who were instrumental in arranging our beautiful world are working so well today that we see such a beautiful world. There is no way we could use it in our body. Do you know what our brain is called the commanding center where your whole day's plan is sorted out and provides you with a specific information so that you can act on that information?


Today we will talk about some of our habits that cause our brain to stop working. Some of our movements. Some of our plans if we can't turn them into habits. Nothing makes everything possible

One of the problems in the brain is brain dysfunction.

Scientists have come to understand more effectively as one of the most common problems in the brain. We also understand dysfunction to mean that a person loses memory. Memory does not work. We consider it to be a dysfunction in his brain. Either of them being significant

  • Loss of memory

  • You can't fix your mind on any work

  • Difficulty thinking independently

  • Suffering from indecision

  • Fluttering and confusion

  • Scattered and distorted thinking

Problems can occur. Scientists have seen this problem in a large number of patients, which is why this information has come to our attention, but these problems can occur if every human being does not have some functional role for his brain, such as if he suffers from vitamin deficiency and mineral deficiency. Scientists think that if we don't have the nutrients we need, we will have this problem in our body, and I think all people need to remember these things because there is something in the brain that if we neglect. If we do, it will end our lives. The proper use of the brain, we need to know, helps us to make the right plan


You are doing this prayer. If our brain was not working properly then we would not be able to raise the quality of our work properly here. We all try to present the quality of our work in front of everyone. If our brain gives us wrong information then we do something wrong here. We all understand that we don't have to work here because we sit down, so we all need to know how to use the brain. How to help me. How to help us. Problems and benefits. I need to know. If we can use our brains properly, our world of our country and state will be much more beautiful and successful.

Let's start with what kind of habits we can adopt. If we can get rid of these brain problems, we can protect ourselves from these problems.

First of all we talk about vitamin D.


Vitamin D is a nutrient that is very important for working on our immune system as well as improving brain health and much more. Studies have shown that vitamin D helps improve mental health. And because of this it also helps to eliminate the dysfunction of the brain.

You can find a detailed list of foods that contain vitamin D at this link



Omega-3 is a beneficial fatty acid. Studies have shown that omega-3s are beneficial for our brain and help to alleviate brain numbness, especially attention and memory problems.

You can see more details about Omega-3 at this link



Magnesium is an essential mineral for various functions of the body. It helps control enzymatic reactions, energy production, nerve function and blood pressure. Studies have shown that magnesium can help treat the symptoms of anxiety and depression by relieving the symptoms of brain fog.

Vitamin C


Vitamin C is very important for protecting our health as well as the health of the brain. And it also helps to alleviate the symptoms of brain fog. A study of 139 young people found that high levels of vitamin C helped maintain good mood, relieve depression and reduce confusion.

Click on this link to know more about Vitamin C.

Vitamin B complex


Vitamin B complex is essential for our health. And its deficiency can make the brain dysfunctional. Studies have shown that some vitamin B deficiencies can cause symptoms of brain fog; For example, memory problems are responsible for many problems, including difficulty concentrating.

Here are some of the habits we need to do in order to keep our lives alive, to use our brains properly in front of everyone, to show the quality of our work, because every human being needs to work because work can change our lives The surrounding society and the state and this beautiful world can be made more beautiful. You can be a discovery for the benefit of thousands of people. Every human being in the world has invented one by one. Don't worry about where we live today. We lived in the jungle. You and I couldn't work in the online world. We couldn't see what the online world was. This beautiful world wouldn't last forever for us. The world today is so beautiful if people don't use their brains because they can use it and use their brains properly. If it weren't for the manifestation of a miraculous power in the human brain, we wouldn't be able to see the beautiful world anymore. We could not work on such a beautiful platform we could not communicate with one person the quality of our work could not be

I don't really know what my words or types of work have been. I have tried to add as much as I know to present to you. I have shared with you as much as I know. Forgive me because here I have used my brain as much as my brain has dedicated to me. I have been able to share with you as much as I hope. The standard is just support and love

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