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The theme for the POB photocontest this week is "FRUITS." I searched my archives and the most common photos that pulled up were random photos of various fruits at grocery stores or mixed with other foods.

I narrowed it down to the images with the most different types of fresh fruits displayed together in a colorful arrangement.


I present you with my entry for the theme FRUITS


A mix of sliced strawberries, mandarins, topped with fresh blackberries creates an edible art fruit bowl packed with vitamins and nutrition!


These types of fruits dishes were what I created and served my mother while she stayed with me for nine months recovering from a broken shoulder followed by open heart surgery last year. The medications she took made her lose her sense of taste and I had to get creative. Thank goodness for fruits!

Reminds me of a flower!

The location where I took my pictures was at home in my kitchen!

Playing with my food

img_0.5621449661533425.jpg(credit @friendlymoose)

Learn more about the new contest hosted by the wonderful @friendlymoose by clicking here: https://ecency.com/hive-150329/@friendlymoose/pobphotocontest-new-round-fruits

Images taken with Samsung Galaxy Note8 and edited using Prismart

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I love fruits! Love the colors!!!

Now I have a craving for some fruit, dang I should have used the fruit shots I shared the other day as an entry for this contest, I must check out proof of brain more often

Same! This looks delicious! Like it should be on the cover of health food magazine or something. Absolutely delicious

Yummy and creative!

Beautiful formation :)

Thank you for the compliment and support!😊

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 92 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Nice Shots
keep on

I love the color combination and the arrangement resembling a flower. Also, the health relevance of the choice of fruits high in antioxidants.

That's interesting to hear about the loss of taste and would make mealtime so bland. I suppose you're only experiencing texture at that point.

I love the presentation you came up with the great splash of color. That gif, you have me mesmerized 😵

Jummy 🤤🤤

Those are all awesome shots
I should have used my post today for that contest

Holy sheeyat that looks so yummy!

well, this look DAMN appetite, and you know it.

Yum, berries are the best sweets!

That fruit is very tasty and fresh,

What a lovely photo, and a delicious-looking plate of fruit! Love this! 😋

So mouth watering and colorful good luck in the contest @ninahaskin 😊

Just looking at that fruit would make anyone feel better they look so delicious nicely prepared @ninihaskin 👍


This looks amazing 🙌
Like magazine cover material! No joke!
I want this for breakfast 😋

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