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RE: Photographs of a fight against the police by high school students in Chile. - Fotografías de una pelea contra la policía de alumnos de secundaria en Chile.

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It looks like a hidden hand control in some countries. Privatization of state schools is on the way in my country. In Indonesia, in the 1980s to 1990s, entering State Universities was free but today, Indonesian citizens should have $1000 to $10.000 USD. What are still free is 9 years of education. 6 years of primary schools and 3 years of junior schools. After that, 3 Years of Senior school or vocational schools are not free. Only a few Cities that charge free like Jakarta. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia that earns the highest tax income so that the Jakarta government spends a lot of budget on education.

In other cities, state senior schools are not free though the fee is lower than private schools. Seeing that our country is trapped by debt, in the future there will be changed in the educational budget. I hope my kids still can get free education.

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Well, even what we call "free education" is not free, it is paid for with the taxes we pay to the government (the government does not produce anything, in fact it is just another expense). I believe that the privatization of education is a way for governments to take out money that was destined to that for other things that will give them more future dividends (I mean economic dividends of course, governments are not interested in having educated people or that kind of "social" dividends, actually educated people would be a problem for them).

Interesting to know what has happened and is happening in Indonesia! Thanks for sharing :)


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