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"The first impression is what it counts" dicen by there and in a job interview is given for a lot y that depends on this also the impact you will have on the interviewer.

Let's remember that our body, our actions communicate what we want to communicate the item, the clothes and makeup, the accessories or the hairdress that carry some type of information, and therefore you must select all these elements correctly to generate it impression and the impact you desire.
Something to highlight: the style of dress for your interview depends a lot on the sector that belongs to the organization, but if you want a recommendation, the best one is to bring gifts and accessories that call so much attention may be a simple or more executive style in such a case, in any case, what you must communicate is in a professional style.
So the dress is NOT a minor detail at the time of your interview, take all the advice and recommendations for your glorious moment!


"La primera impresión es la que cuenta" dicen por ahí y en una entrevista laboral esto da para mucho hablar ya que depende de esto también el impacto que causarás al entrevistador.

Recordemos que nuestro cuerpo, nuestras acciones comunican quizás lo que queremos comunicar o no, la ropa el maquillaje, los accesorios o el peinado que llevas comunica algún tipo de información, es por todo esto que debes seleccionar de manera correcta todos estos elementos para generar la impresión y el impacto que deseas.
Algo para resaltar: el estilo de vestimenta para tu entrevista depende mucho del sector al que pertenece la organización pero si quieres una recomendación lo mejor es llevar prendas y accesorios que no llamen tanto la atención puede ser un estilo sencillo o mas ejecutivo en tal caso, de todas manera lo que debes comunicar es un estilo profesional.
Entonces que la vestimenta NO sea un detalle menor a la hora de tu entrevista, toma en cuenta todos los consejos y recomendaciones para tu momento glorioso!



@fullcolorpy what we wear to an interview matters a lot.
Also the choice of cloth for an interview depends on the organization/firm carrying out the interview.
Atimes we get confused on which attire to put on, but I'd say if you aren't sure on which attire to wear as regarding the organization just dress cooperate.

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Well said dear, most of the times what we were to an interview determines the outcome of the interview, for instance, someone who went for an interview for a bank job dress on native wear actually has seen himself/ herself off already, so whatever we were to an interview plays a huge role,

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Correcto @nasri11

@whiteangey Exacto, concuerdo contigo 100 % ¿Tienes algo para sugerir?, Muchas Gracias!

Exactly, I agree with you 100%. Do you have something to suggest? Thank you very much!

Well I have been to seminars on interviews but I have never been to an interview. But I will be glad to help.
So here is my suggestion;
Before you go for an interview, take out time to visit the organization in person, find out what they do and how their staffs dresses to work. It will help you understand where and what you are getting yourself into.

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Thanks so much for this wounderful information to me in particular, who is preparing for a job interview very soon.

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@newman42 Wooow Excellent, you can tell us what you are doing to prepare and the result obtained, surely with your experience we can learn a lot. Greetings