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RE: I Share Some of What I Have Earned in dCity, participate.

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I don't have any solution to increase the SIM value but I would also like to know how it could happens !

Your earnings are really huge ! Especially with those enormous taxes !


Congratulations, you have won a consolation prize for commenting on the contest.




Thank you !
I wasn't expecting it with my comment 😅

The debate is interesting to listen to ideas, it is fine if you do not comment and only look at the comments of others, maybe, you could win something, depending on the number of people who comment, here all points of view are heard, haha. Yes, I still earn something in dCity, just imagine how much I invested and what was the amount that I produced before so many taxes and the fall of the game, most of what I generated was going to buy more and more cards, that was my strategy, but also The reason for not seeing much profit is said, then I sold a good number of strategically selected cards to recover something, I think that was the strategy of many, but we know that the prices are not the same as before, my city came to have a value of a little more than 10 thousand Hives. I hope that dCity recovers, not so that it generates the large amount of money that it gave before, but at least it will last and make things better.

At the moment I joined the game, my earnings were giving me an ROI of 135% per year. Now with all the taxes it's around <40% which is still a huge amount but this is frustrating to see the incomes get this low.

I also really hate that war tax which is always taking income to the poorest to distribute is to the richest.