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Greetings, my dear Earthlings. I keep buying a pack with the hope of finding a legendary one, haha, little luck yet, I have been getting rare cards but since there are few that I am missing from these, they come out repeated, I hope my luck improves with the pack and at least it arrives an epic, one of those if I am missing almost all of them, I will have to start buying them in the market to go, completing my collection, an R36 Jaspa and R43 String Machine, the best of those two pack to highlight, although the truth is They like beetles, so every time I get one, it's not bad, I used to have a lot of beetles from those scale and tin carts that came out like toys until the 70s, but I sold them and I only have one left at scale 1: 43 specifically a model: VW Beetle, white, but that's another story, haha.

Saludos, mis estimados terrícolas. Sigo comprando pack con la esperanza de encontrar un legendario, jaja, poca suerte aun, me han estado saliendo tarjetas raras pero como ya son pocas las que me faltan de éstas, salen repetidas, espero que mejore mi suerte con los pack y al menos llegue una épica, de esas si que me faltan casi todas, voy a tener que comenzar a comprarlas en el mercado para ir, completando mi colección, una R36 Jaspa y R43 String Machine, lo mejor de esos dos pack a destacar, aunque la verdad me gustan los escarabajos, así que cada vez que me sale uno no esta mal, yo antes tuve muchos escarabajos de esos carritos a escalas y de hojalata que salían como juguetes hasta los años 70, pero los vendí y solo me queda uno a escala 1:43 específicamente un modelo: VW Beetle, color blanco, pero eso es otra historia, jaja.



As you can see in the image above, I am ranked 26, not bad for there are so many good players with capital to invest something more comfortable than me, although I am planning to see how I do to invest, I have noticed that my performance In the game it is not the same, there is more ego punishment for missions and in each mission of 5 minutes less opportunity to find STARBITS, so I must analyze well how to counteract this and in which cards specifically to invest. In another vein, usf I have surpassed 10 thousand missions, it seems that it was yesterday when I wanted to win those envelopes that were given away for reaching a certain number of missions, time passes quickly, and I still look small in the game, the 26th place The truth is I always want to be among the first, but reality makes me have to maintain a balance, but as I said, it's not bad at all, yesterday I was helping a friend by explaining what he would need to reach the fourth city or zone, and he I was surprising with my levels, and everything that I have achieved in the game, of course I would like to be like Mr. Foxon, haha ​​(the number one player in this game) I continue in the fight and I will try to rise a little more in the rank, The truth is that I would like to at least reach 20 position, that would be my short-term goal.

Como pueden ver en la imagen de arriba, me ubico en el puesto 26, nada mal para haber tantos jugadores buenos y con capital como para invertir algo más cómodos que yo, aunque ando maquinando a ver como hago para invertir, he notado que mi rendimiento en el juego no es igual, hay más ego castigo por misiones y en cada misión de 5 minutos menor oportunidad de encontrar STARBITS, así que debo analizar bien como contrarrestar esto y en que tarjetas específicamente invertir. En otro orden de ideas, usf he superado las 10 mil misiones, parece que fue ayer cuando quería ganar aquellos sobres que regalaban por alcanzar cierta cantidad de misiones, el tiempo pasa rápido, y yo me miro pequeño aun en el juego, el puesto 26, la verdad siempre quiero estar entre los primeros, pero la realidad hace que deba mantener un equilibrio, pero como dije, no esta nada mal, ayer estaba ayudando a un amigo al explicarle que necesitaría para alcanzar la cuarta ciudad o zona, y él se sorprendía con mis niveles, y todo lo que yo he logrado en el juego, claro yo quisiera ser como el señor Foxon, jaja (el jugador numero uno de este juego) Sigo en la lucha y trataré de subir un poco más en el rank, la verdad me gustaría al menos alcanzar el puesto 20, esa seria mi meta a corto plazo.


Risingstar willsaldeno.jpg
Image made with, it is a collage inspired by the Risingstar game, my image there as a player, or my way of seeing in my crazy head, the logo of this game-Imagen realizada con, es un collage inspirado en el juego Risingstar, mi imagen ahí como jugador, o mi forma de ver en mi loca cabeza, el logo de este juego.

This is where the lyrics go for today, I invite you to continue looking a little more of this world in the next publication, I hope it will be tomorrow, or later, maybe the voice will be seen or will let you see something about games, so if you liked it What is being done for you here, do not hesitate to support the work with something positive, below I invite you to:

Hasta aquí llegan las letras por hoy, les invito a seguir mirando un poco más de este mundo en la siguiente publicación, espero sea mañana, o más tarde, quizás la voz verse o o deje ver algo sobre juegos, así que si te ha gustado lo que se hace para ustedes aquí, no dudes en apoyar el trabajo con algo positivo, allí abajo te invito a:


Bilingüe: Que utiliza dos lenguas al mismo nivel o se hace en dos lenguas
Bilingual: That uses two languages ??at the same level or is done in two languages.

All images are screenshot of the game

Risingstargame and the currency of the token was made in collage style, with the program,, to give an idea of ​​a possible currency that is surely made in a very more professional if they do it in the future.

Todas las imágenes son capture de pantalla del juego

Risingstargame y la monedo del token fue realizada a estilo collage, con el programa,, para dar una idea de una posible moneda que de seguro la realizan con una manera mucho más profesional si en un futuro ellos la realizan.



You are in the top 30. That is an amazing achieve ment. Keep hustling, maybe some day you can compete with these guys. You are well on your way.

I also hope for a legendary every time I buy a pack but that never happens lol. I was luck to find an epic card now and then . Very few. So I know what you mean!

As I mentioned before, it is that desire to go up that makes me want legendary, hahaha, but I can't complain about the Risingstargame, the truth as I have mentioned it many times the game is wonderful for me, you just know how we players are, We want the best, haha, you know how it is every time we buy envelopes, we want legendary ones, of course we must know that these cards cannot come out in such an easy way or they drop a lot in price and those cards are the incentive for those who invest a lot of money In a pack to try to find them, I hardly invest in two packs, one daily, and they have also turned out epic in the envelopes that I have bought. But I get very upset in every game where I'm openly annoyed asking for legendary cards to come out, I don't know how they don't run me, haha, it's a kind of practical joke that I do so that they will always remember me.

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