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RE: Game number 1

in Hive Gaming4 months ago
WOW, incredible, I forgot to translate, I am getting very tired due to overwork in the field, I am in a crucial stage, in a separate or additional job to be able to bring the water to my field, I work from Monday to Monday without rest and I think exhaustion is already hitting, I must take a few days off, but at least today I was able to irrigate with water, although there is still a lot of work to be done, at least I managed to have the necessary water to irrigate. Apologies for the error, I like to publish daily and I also need to do it because it is the only input of money that I have and I have not been as consistent in publishing as I should, to take advantage of the good votes, haha, with this you can imagine how I got exhausted that I can not even publish.