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You do not seem to have included the English translation. Could you please include that as we had to copy it to Google translate. I am sure you just forgot as you normally do it.

Anyway it is amazing that the game helps your family as that was always one of my intentions. It was a big risk making the game free to play as we didn't know how things would pan out but I always hoped that some of the bigger players would help to support the price so the less well off could continue to benefit and so far this seems to be happening.

Thank you and keep on rockin' \m/

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WOW, incredible, I forgot to translate, I am getting very tired due to overwork in the field, I am in a crucial stage, in a separate or additional job to be able to bring the water to my field, I work from Monday to Monday without rest and I think exhaustion is already hitting, I must take a few days off, but at least today I was able to irrigate with water, although there is still a lot of work to be done, at least I managed to have the necessary water to irrigate. Apologies for the error, I like to publish daily and I also need to do it because it is the only input of money that I have and I have not been as consistent in publishing as I should, to take advantage of the good votes, haha, with this you can imagine how I got exhausted that I can not even publish.