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RE: The Time Machine

in Hive Gaminglast year

You are in the top 30. That is an amazing achieve ment. Keep hustling, maybe some day you can compete with these guys. You are well on your way.

I also hope for a legendary every time I buy a pack but that never happens lol. I was luck to find an epic card now and then . Very few. So I know what you mean!

As I mentioned before, it is that desire to go up that makes me want legendary, hahaha, but I can't complain about the Risingstargame, the truth as I have mentioned it many times the game is wonderful for me, you just know how we players are, We want the best, haha, you know how it is every time we buy envelopes, we want legendary ones, of course we must know that these cards cannot come out in such an easy way or they drop a lot in price and those cards are the incentive for those who invest a lot of money In a pack to try to find them, I hardly invest in two packs, one daily, and they have also turned out epic in the envelopes that I have bought. But I get very upset in every game where I'm openly annoyed asking for legendary cards to come out, I don't know how they don't run me, haha, it's a kind of practical joke that I do so that they will always remember me.