Gene’s Clip Of The Day! 2/14/22 - From No Agenda Show Episode 1425

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Once or twice a week I pick a clip from a podcast I listened to that I find important or interesting. Today’s is from the NoAgenda show Episode 1425 which aired yesterday (2/13/22) hosted by Adam Curry & JCD.


In this clip the discussion focuses on the Russia/Ukraine situation & the propaganda machine here in the states pushing it. I find myself finding agreement on my take finally as Ive been discussing this all week last week. It’s a longer clip then usual but definitely check it out. This is propaganda being pushed and unfortunately our own Government here in the states is the one pushing it hard.

Edit (10:15AM) - well well media softening reports from Friday already. That said Gold still higher 👍




Lol. He said pootin 💩 I should try to recruit him to the FART community.

My idiotic opinion. He ain't invading shit.. just posturing

He calls Anderson Cooper
The Pooper Scooper!

Sounds like a good recruit 💩

I agree 💯 and our current National Security Adviser is a fear monger POS.

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