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RE: I keep investing in Risingstargame, this time I bought 48 packs.

in Blockchain Gaming2 years ago
If the numbers are very good, the drive to improve production is considerable if I take into account the investment, so, yes, I did well in those openings, it was worth the investment. In addition to continuing to grow is the most important thing, we all see how every day the game grows and I know that the time will come to go viral and there the cards will take much more value than the current one, which as we know is already very good.

The owners of the game create more and more things and this helps a lot to keep inflation under control, and I know they will continue, creating because Risingstar is more than a game, being based on artists and their communities, this gives a great depth,

I think we have similar ways of thinking, the fact that artists, developers are even players that you can also talk with them for the community in discord makes it something more human and less cold and electronic despite being crypto / blockchain.