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image.png Radio casette Brand UNISEF - Radio casette Marca UNISEF


Greetings, my dear earthlings

Music is part of my life, I’m a collector of stereo equipment, that cassette radio, I bought it all dirty when I saw it in a deposit of an acquaintance, paid $2 and sent it to repair with my uncle, an old-school radio technician, of the few left, He certainly encouraged me to enter the world of collecting.

Saludos, mis estimados terrícolas

La música es parte de mi vida, soy coleccionista de equipos reproductores de música, ese radio casette, lo compre todo sucio al verlo en un deposito de un conocido, pague 2$ y lo mande a reparar con mi tío, un radio técnico de la vieja escuela, de los pocos que quedan, por cierto él me incentivo a entrar en el mundo de coleccionar.


To celebrate, I still buy NFT, this time I went to try the tool of Mr @foxon, it is magnificent and orders the purchases, giving just a few click I invested about 78000 STARBITS, and the tool bought the cheapest since I was looking for fans, this is excellent, I congratulate Mr number 1 for this contribution to the game and the community.

Para celebrar, sigo comprando NFT, esta vez me fui a probar la herramienta del señor @foxon, es magnifica y ordena las compras, dando apenas unos pocos click invertí unos 78000 STARBITS, y la herramienta compró las más baratas ya que yo buscaba era fans, esto es excelente, felicito al señor numero 1 por este aporte al juego y a la comunidad.


With that purchase continue to improve my numbers, reach 153719 fans I would like to reach at least 200 thousand, so I will be investing while this year-end opportunity presents, where most sell and that has something under the price of STARBITS, so it’s a good time to invest and also stop selling the token to keep the price, at least I apply this because it’s a good opportunity.

Con esa compra siguen mejorando mis números, llegue a 153719 fans me gustaría llegar al menos a 200 mil, así que estaré invirtiendo mientras se presenta esta oportunidad de fin de año, donde la mayoría venden y eso tiene algo bajo el precio de los STARBITS, así que es momento propicio para invertir y también dejar de vender los token para que mantenga el precio, al menos yo aplico esto porque es una buena oportunidad.


As you can see I have climbed to 36th place in the rank and I hope to at least regain the position I always frequented, the 30th, so there I go, little by little by sure step.

Como pueden ver he subido al puesto 36 del rank y espero al menos recuperar el puesto que siempre frecuentaba, el 30, así que allí voy, poco a poco a paso seguro.

Main photograph with my REDMI 9 A - fotografía principal con mi REDMI 9 A.

All images are screenshot of the game

Risingstargame and the currency of the token was made in collage style, with the program,, to give an idea of ​​a possible currency that is surely made in a very more professional if they do it in the future.

Todas las imágenes son capture de pantalla del juego

Risingstargame y la monedo del token fue realizada a estilo collage, con el programa,, para dar una idea de una posible moneda que de seguro la realizan con una manera mucho más profesional si en un futuro ellos la realizan.


Bilingüe: Que utiliza dos lenguas al mismo nivel o se hace en dos lenguas
Bilingual: That uses two languages ??at the same level or is done in two languages.



Dear @willsaldeno,

The current HiveBuzz proposal will expire in a few days.

Do you mind supporting our proposal for 2022 so our team can continue its work next year?
You can do it on Peakd, ecency, or using HiveSigner.

Thank you. We wish you a Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for trying it out, my friend! I hope to keep adding experiments like that bulk fans buyer
If you haven't already, be sure to check out the history under your account name after logging in. There is a glitch in some transfers that I need to fix (already identified and patch ready, just hasn't been deployed yet), but mostly it is very good - you get to see the names of the cards you've sent, received, bought, and sold!

I have also been buying up STARBITS. A few million in the past week. They're on sale!

Congrats on the cassette radio. It looks amazing

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