I keep investing in Risingstargame, this time I bought 48 packs.


Greetings, my dear earthlings
This time I invested something strong, as for the packages, I bought 48 packs of cards, clearly the best that I got was the epic E23 Sky, at least in that first batch of 12 packages I came out very well.

Below you can see the other cards that have touched me, are accounts, so I put some images a little more compact, not to overwhelm with so many, haha

Saludos, mis estimados terrícolas

Esta vez invertí algo fuerte, en cuanto a los paquetes, compré 48 paquetes de tarjetas, claramente la mejor que me ha tocado fue la épica E23 Sky, al menos en ese primer lote de 12 paquetes salí muy bien.

Abajo pueden ver las otras tarjetas que me han tocado, son unas cuentas, así que les coloco unas imágenes algo más compactas, para no abrumar con tantas, jaja




In the next round I bought 36 of a single blow and but the truth without much luck, I aspired to find that legendary vehicle that I so much aspire (I never got one) Ja, ja, yes, I am very aspiring to find one of those magnificent, every time I buy packages, It’s the one I want most, although the truth came out my legendary John, I can’t complain, but who doesn’t want a legendary vehicle that drives with a good amount of fans?

En la siguiente ronda compré 36 de un solo golpe y pero la verdad sin mucha suerte, aspiraba encontrar ese vehículo legendario que tanto aspiro (nunca me ha salido uno) Ja, ja, sí, soy muy aspirante a encontrar una de esas magnificas, cada vez que compro paquetes, es la que más deseo, aunque la verdad me salió mi legendaria John, no me puedo quejar, pero ¿Quién no quiere un vehículo legendario que impulse con una buena cantidad de fans?


While I opened the packs, complaining a little, haha because I did not reach a legendary, but I think it will be in the next opportunity, something tells me, I can feel it coming, you will see, haha

Mientras abría los pack, quejándome un poco, jaja porque no llegaba una legendaria, pero creo que será en la próxima oportunidad, algo me lo dice, lo puedo sentir llegar, ya van a ver, jaja


But I found a good batch of cards that drive my numbers and will make me produce a little more STARBITS, so everything that is invested is good, because in this game produces good results.

I like that they have created more and more things where they invest the STARBITS, they are promoting them and you can win STARPRO, festivals where they need STARPRO and all this is creating depth to the game, by creating utilities to STARBITS and producing other things the game grows a lot because not all what players produce goes on sale in the market, so by having more demand and not so much supply, it keeps without so much inflation, I hope the owners of the game, Keep looking for more things to make the game better every day, as you have done so far.

Pero he encontrado un buen lote de tarjetas que impulsan mis números y me harán producir un poco más STARBITS, así que todo lo que se invierte es bueno, porque en este juego produce buenos resultados.

Me gusta que han creado cada vez más cosas donde invertir los STARBITS, están las promocionar y puedes ganar STARPRO, los festivales donde se necesitan STARPRO y todo esto esta creando profundidad al juego, al crear utilidades al STARBITS y producir otras cosas el juego crece mucho porque no todos lo que los jugadores producen va a la venta en el mercado, así que al tener más demanda y no tanta oferta, se mantiene sin tanta inflación, espero que los dueños del juego, sigan buscando más cosas para hacer el juego mejor cada día, como han hecho hasta ahora.


All images are screenshot of the game

Risingstargame and the currency of the token was made in collage style, with the program, Paint.net, to give an idea of ​​a possible currency that is surely made in a very more professional if they do it in the future.

Todas las imágenes son capture de pantalla del juego

Risingstargame y la monedo del token fue realizada a estilo collage, con el programa, Paint.net, para dar una idea de una posible moneda que de seguro la realizan con una manera mucho más profesional si en un futuro ellos la realizan.


Bilingüe: Que utiliza dos lenguas al mismo nivel o se hace en dos lenguas
Bilingual: That uses two languages ??at the same level or is done in two languages.



You have had a lot of good luck and you will surely continue to have it. I hope that your investment is valued a lot and that very soon you will get that letter you want from the vehicles,I don't know if it will be the helicopter or the limousine?.

For now I started to take accounts and more or less within 5 months that I managed to collect the 500,000 I have left for the million, but what is certain is that I will start generating in stages more Starbits Because I decided to invest in a letter that gives me more experience, the truth is I think it has been the best idea I have had.

I wish you much success dear friend and you know that you have my support.

Thank you for your words. I really like the L11 Private Yacht, that’s the card of my dreams, yes I aspire a lot, haha, but that’s me. At least I try to buy a good amount of packages.
By the way they helped me to improve my STARBITS production, enough to be happy with this purchase.

Your interviews are excellent, I like them very much, I hope to continue seeing such extraordinary material, highlighting the artists makes me like my NFT more.


I also want that card, without a doubt it is the best of the vehicles, since only 21 people have it, it is like a unique item. Although I also like the helicopter.

I am also rising like the foam, I made the investment to acquire the experience cards, it seemed to me that it was worth it.

And wait for the next interviews, they are already archived waiting their turn to be published.

Thank you very much for your support, for me it is very important dear friend.

I hope we get that legendary card that we wait so long, thank you for sharing your opening of cards, there are still a lot of skill and fans there, Greetings and congratulations for rising in the rank!

If the numbers are very good, the drive to improve production is considerable if I take into account the investment, so, yes, I did well in those openings, it was worth the investment. In addition to continuing to grow is the most important thing, we all see how every day the game grows and I know that the time will come to go viral and there the cards will take much more value than the current one, which as we know is already very good.

The owners of the game create more and more things and this helps a lot to keep inflation under control, and I know they will continue, creating because Risingstar is more than a game, being based on artists and their communities, this gives a great depth,

I think we have similar ways of thinking, the fact that artists, developers are even players that you can also talk with them for the community in discord makes it something more human and less cold and electronic despite being crypto / blockchain.



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