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RE: I keep investing in Risingstargame, this time I bought 48 packs.

in Blockchain Gaminglast year

You have had a lot of good luck and you will surely continue to have it. I hope that your investment is valued a lot and that very soon you will get that letter you want from the vehicles,I don't know if it will be the helicopter or the limousine?.

For now I started to take accounts and more or less within 5 months that I managed to collect the 500,000 I have left for the million, but what is certain is that I will start generating in stages more Starbits Because I decided to invest in a letter that gives me more experience, the truth is I think it has been the best idea I have had.

I wish you much success dear friend and you know that you have my support.

Thank you for your words. I really like the L11 Private Yacht, that’s the card of my dreams, yes I aspire a lot, haha, but that’s me. At least I try to buy a good amount of packages.
By the way they helped me to improve my STARBITS production, enough to be happy with this purchase.

Your interviews are excellent, I like them very much, I hope to continue seeing such extraordinary material, highlighting the artists makes me like my NFT more.


I also want that card, without a doubt it is the best of the vehicles, since only 21 people have it, it is like a unique item. Although I also like the helicopter.

I am also rising like the foam, I made the investment to acquire the experience cards, it seemed to me that it was worth it.

And wait for the next interviews, they are already archived waiting their turn to be published.

Thank you very much for your support, for me it is very important dear friend.