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RE: My first festival Ireland (Risingstargame)

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We'll see if your plan works as intended.

The Festival World Tour is not a one-time event, but planned as a permanent event. You can join at any time and get the cards you missed at the start only a few weeks later than the first owners.

In any case, I will wait and see how long wagginston holds out with his plans. After he has already removed his massive offer to buy StarPro, the value of the currency has dropped considerably and maybe some day the Festival World Tour will become interesting again.

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I have had a bad feeling about him since the first day he came around. @hivediver

This is a good opportunity to learn something basic about a financially strong competitor in Rising Star.

Does he have patience, is he determined, how actively does he work to achieve his goals, is he successful?

At the moment, I don't see any significant limitations in the game caused by him.

So let's continue to wait patiently to see how the future unfolds in Rising Star.

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Every person who invests is good in a game, it’s just a matter of how he focuses that investment, when he gets the game, according to my opinion I take a small boom, so it doesn’t have its positive impact, then comes opportunity to win some STARPRO, even though you can see the costs have gone down. With his arrival added new players , something that the game needs to revitalize and that the cards have demand, I despite not having been able to find the Starpro at the price I wanted (cheap, haha) I don’t feel uncomfortable with him around, On the contrary, if it brings in more capital and makes prices good, I think it creates a positive impact, people like things that cost good and less value-lowering things considerably. I even like the man, and I don’t even know him, haha, but I admire intelligent people.