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RE: Hive Power Up Day - June 1st 2022

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i'm going to try this event... looks fun 😄


You should and you can also have the possibility to win prizes if you make a post and use the right tags

Oh great... thank you for this info too Tengo.

My pleasure Adie

I've heard about writing a PUD Post before, where can I find more information about it? Thanks!

Thank you, @amberkashif! The information is very complete and helpful! 👍


@amberkashif, @acgalarza(1/1) sent you LUV. wallet | market | tools | discord | community | daily

⚠ The LUVbot will soon require that no other ! commands accompany it. Details here. Hivebits (HBIT) has already employed this.

You are most welcome

Sorry I am late getting back to you, I will be writing a post today that does highlight all info for future use, but yes the post mentioned by amberkashif in her comment is a great starting point Armando @acgalarza

No worries! Thanks for getting back to me?

One thing that is not very clear - to me - in that article is, when does the Post have to be written? Do I have the same 24 hours to do it?


okay you have to write and publish the post on the first of the month where you are posting from. So basically I would write it now, I am not sure where you are located, I am in the UK so it is 9pm and I have three hours left to write and publish, I better get moving!

Okidoki! I think I also have time. Really quick, can you give me some tips? I've never written a post in this context. What - more or less - should I write?

try to take a screen shot of you hp before you power up, and then after you power. Include a bit of text that you power up whatever amount from the start to finish etc.
You can make reference to traci's article and the one from hivebuzz, mention this is your first pud, and perhaps your goals for hive and how you are finding things.
Make sure you use the correct tags, as that is how you post will be found and name put into the competition.
You can write whatever you like really, just mention it is a PUD post and the amount you are powering up etc.
As long as you have the tags and the amount you power up and make it plain it is a power up day post then that is the minimum you need, so just add a bit more. If you search the tags you can find some examples, but don't worry about it too much. You can say you joined hive on such and such date, you have seen you account grow by x amount per week or month. Do you use any of the stats sites?

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Looking forward to you participating in the PUD @adie44. 💪🐝