Fighting Back Your Fears

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Hello Hearchurch parishioners, it's good to make my post here today again after about a few weeks of absence.

A few year ago, my pastor told us a story of a family in his community who at the time was not really well to do both financially and otherwise and affording a three square meal for the family was a big challenge not to talk of getting the children into a good school. Survival was a total struggle.

After a lofty years of struggle, the mother who was the only surviving parent passed on to glory without nothing to show for his existence as people said. Now left with the younger siblings, will life also play out the same way it did for his parent?

For time and chance happens to every man.

There has never been a time God refuses to give us possible ways of coming out of our situations. Just that we don't always listen to Him.

The young man began a life struggle just like his father did and it was also looking as if he will end the same way his parent did. But then one paramount thing happened in his life the set him in a space betwixt two. Not quite long after the demise of his mother, about two months and two weeks, a friend of his introduced him to Christ and he gave his life to Christ. Just like you and i, he began the journey of his faith but for every time he sits to think of the future, something tells him that he will end up like his parent did.

Confused, bartered and disjointed as his thought made him, he was always down in heart not until the day he heard in church that he can fight back all of his fears.

Thank God he had given his life to Christ, all he need this time was the right words. Just like it is written in Job 6:25 "How forcible are right words! but what doth your arguing reprove?". He began to search the scripture to know what the bible says about his condition and the first scripture he saw was 2 Timothy 1:7 which says "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."

What are Your Fears

There is no force on earth that will surpass the force of the word of God. Remember that the world was framed, made and brought to a finish by the word of God and you will need the word of God to frame your destiny.

Please know that we fight back fears with our words not by our actions.

There is no situation buoyant enough to alter God's design and make up for our life. God has given us one tool through which we can use to fix up our lives and destiny and that is the tongue. Your fears are not as powerful as your tongue.

Your tongue utters either life or dead, blessing or coursing and it only work to the degree of how you can use it orderly. Situations has never been our problems our tongue is.

When every time you say am finished instead of speaking the right word for the situation what outcome do you expect. Life only work as we command it to.

So the young man began speaking the right word but then, the was still a problem because life kept giving him very tangible reasons why he would still fail. Now listen to me, no matter how big your faith is if work is not attached to it, it is as good as being dead so he found the next scripture in James that says that faith without work is dead and on the strength of that scripture, i began looking for a job, fortunately for him he found a security job. He now became a security personnel for the topmost rich oil mogul in the environment.

If all we do with the word of God is just to memories it, then we have failed in our submission to Christ as our head.

While there, the young man put up a very positive attitude over his work and never missed work for any reason what so ever that one day, the boss need a committed person to oversee his establishment while he travelled for vacation for a month. Upon his return, he found the place more better than what it was.

Now the young man had the opportunity to get back to school and as God will have it, soon after his programme in school he was awarded the position of a director in a department of the bosses company.

Diligence is the best way to producing results. For the bible says in Proverbs 22:29 "Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men."

Success and failure happens through hard work but what makes success is the power of positivity found in the life of a successful man.

Words for Today

  • There's no shadow He won't light up, Mountain He won't climb up coming after you so don't give up on yourself when he has not given up on you.
  • All you need for life and Godliness has been freely given for if He did not spare His own son, how much more will He not also give to you all that is your heart desire. All you need to do is to discover it and begin to live by it.
  • Refuse to allow your situation create a master plan for your life for we are not made of the things which are seen for all that are seen are temporal.
  • Finally you carry the nature of God and if nothing could stop God then you cannot be stopped.

There is a song that ministers so much to me this morning please let's sing together. The song is titled Reckless love done by Cory Asbury. This song was awarded the song of the year by GMA Dove Award for Worship Song. Reckless Love lyrics