The badge terminal was not working for me, but I will try again today. Just being able to meet up and talk with people is cool.

Same, @steevc - I don't even see the computer at the log cabin, or in the presentation room. There's just a large, teal colored box like thing that I can't interact with. I'm going to try downloading the software on a different computer today, to see if that helps. My (2D) headset wasn't working either, so while I could hear people, I couldn't answer. It was still so much fun to mill around with everyone!

You got into the presentation room? I couldn't use any other rooms. So main stage was off limits. Also the computer was a big diamond thing. I use altspace 2d.

Yep, big multi colored diamond thing for me too. 😔

I was able to "port to friend's location" (not sure that's what it was called exactly) to be able to get into the main presentation room. You're welcome to friend me on AltSpace VR, then when it starts up again & I'm in the presentation room, you could (hopefully) transport to where I'm at. 😊

I've heard from a few people who had audio issues. The jumping around can be hard. I could not find a way back from the art gallery, so just entered the Hivefest world again.