Diversifying... from 🍕Pizza to 🥧Pie!

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(I love pizza and this is mainly an attempt to show my wife's experiment with the new pie maker and on the same boat bring some of my own thoughts)

The world is changing... 🥧

Did you know that pies are the best friends of leftovers? In this case, it was not its deed but we have been doing that for ages in the past, and it works soooo well! The only thing that gets done for real is the pastry and some of the ingredients that usually go with a pie like this. But most can be reused and look like a new dish, tasty and super fresh.

Spot on this one, and it was a super tasty dinner for me and the family.

Just a couple of ideas about the ingredients... that usually works very well. You are more than welcome to try more or let me know about more you have tried!

  • Cauliflower
  • Peppers
  • Meat (white meat goes best because it's leaner)
  • shrimp
  • Spinach
  • LOTS OF GARLIC (for me at least)
  • Tomatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • CHEESEs (whatever kinds)
  • Cream or soy cream (both work very nice)
  • Basil, coriander, and parsley
  • Chorizos slices on top also work nicely!

I think it's obvious I could go over and over LOL 🤣 It's just something we learned with a friend a couple of years ago, and it works super amazingly well.

All homemade. The pastry is the easier part. Mixing combinations is the hardest.

That tomato looks like blushing to me 😎

Changing the conversation a bit! 🍜

Still my wife's experiment, and still my wife's stuff, but with a twist from my own seasoning. The usual garlic add-on and pepper thing. Plus added green garlic leaves... oh ooohhh... you spotted me... GARLIC MONSTER! 😍 Kids loved it... so, approval is very high from both parents. At least!

This shifts me to say that what you see might not be what you feel or taste.

Food like other things tends to create signals on our perceptions that do not always align with our momentary wishes. But if we open our mind wide enough so that it allows it to capture more during those periods of time, then we are about to learn a great deal more.

Life is short... don't waste it. Learn as much you can... do what you feel best for you and the ones you love most. Fight for what you identify with, protect the ones you love and teach hard the ones you love even more!

Maybe this is too much? yeah... I am going through a lot lately. And I am sure many others too... COVID and society changes don't help, right? They are the forecasting signals for the next generation. Hopefully, something or someone will change them... cause they suck!

The 🍕Pizza is always there!

Aside from downfeelings or realizations from the current present, I really love to think about the future. Pizza wise! Diverse, decentralized (the pizza circle is the world), and brewing all kinds of new connections with all the used ingredients. All it needs is, experimentation!

(It has 10 ingredients, excluding the base, and it was powerfully tasty)

And what best place on the entire blockchain industry may you know for that? HIVE of course!

If you ask anyone in the blockchain industry, that has been actively connected with either its daily usage or development, what was their largest length of time they have been with a specific blockchain, how long do you think that is going to be?

You will probably get less than 0.01% of cases saying more than 4 years. But let's put that to test... prove me wrong otherwise.

That's it folks... w/1 more Note...

Have you spotted my new red signature NFT below? What do you think about it?


Have fun, good luck on all the gaming, learning, and when/if you are up to, teaching new things to newcomers, showing them how interesting is this place.

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mmmmm смакота

Wow. That pie looks so delicious and so beautiful with the tomatoes on top.

It was so yummy =) next time I have to take an "inside" photo as well. I keep forgetting... 😋

Sounds like me. Always forget to take the final picture of my cooking/baking and then its gone.

🤣 I need to do like people do with the cars dash cameras. Install one in my head and worry free about photos or videos =)

🤣 Sounds like a plan😉

Ciao @forykw piacere di conoscerti, volevo farti i complimenti! Con questo post mi hai fatto venire fame! Hanno davvero un bell' aspetto! Io sono nuova qui su Hive... è veramente un piacere conoscere chi è un esperto di questa bellissima community! Ti auguro una buona serata ❤❤❤🌈🌈🌈

U r welcome. Enjoy 😉

Any questions I am happy to help.

Grazie 😊😊❤❤

Omg the collaboration is something i did not expectt but it sure
Looks delicious, good job,

Its a huge world =) even I commonly find new people that were here for ages, side by side sometimes, on activities or discussions! :P

That looks good and tempting to eat. I like the area, you wrote about people opening their mind wide enough, so that it allows us to capture more during these periods of time, then we are able to learn a great deal more. Thanks.

And if even after that you still don't know where to start, start somewhere (randomly or on A or 1) and step by step you will reach a point where things start to make sense and then you will be able to choose the next place to look. And then, it gets so addicting that you can't stop! LOL

Thanks, I appreciate your advice and support. I intend to give it the best I can, and equally enjoy myself while at it. I look forward to the addicting period kicking in.😊

Wow this is looking delicious and inviting, am certain it's gonna be delicious 😋, thanks for sharing the recipe.

It was quite good... some still left today for lunch =)

Every piece of pizza looks so good. I haven’t eaten pizza for a long time maybe I would have to try it someday again.


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