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RE: Las abejas son declaras el ser mas importante del planeta.

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It's amazing how important bees are to our community and how healthy honey is! On another note , I'm glad you liked our old wood stove, I'm curious where you live that these are hard to come by , for sure less people now burn wood and they are getting more energy efficient in the newer ones!
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upped and resteemed / following you now!

Yes, bees play too important a role in nature, we must take care of them. As for where I'm from, even though it causes problems and I don't say it because of it (being Venezuelan, most people think I'll ask for money or help.) but I say it anyway, I'm from Venezuela, after they treat me and get to know me they realize that they are not the stereotype of Venezuelan who has raised fame in steemit for asking or begging, and there they change their attitude with me when they see that what little I've achieved in steemit I've done with: study, learn, analyze and work hard for the year and something that I have in steemit, but well I always say this to people who ask me where I'm from, ha, ha, ha, sometimes I say: I'm from Venezuela and they immediately say to me; for now I don't have enough to help you, I'm short, ha, ha, and I answer, you have a thousand things to help me with, because the only thing I like to be given is knowledge, with that you get to learn and what you learn helps you survive. I am also an antique dealer and I have a small antique shop where I don't sell anything, because of the situation, ha, ha, ha, ha, but I love having it open and by some miracle I survive, the place is mine and I am my own employee, something always arrives that allows me to remain open, because I am one of the stubborn ones who hardly abandon something that I love, unless it is a priority for the family.

Oh haha! I only asked because you mentioned That the Wood Stove I have you never seen before or that it's hard to find them where you live, here in Canada it gets pretty cold so I guess there's more here! Wishing you and your family all the best!👍👍👍🥰

It's not that I'm bothered by your question, I'm not going to take it badly, but I love to be asked about everything and answer, ha, ha, ha. I would like to live in Canada, you look beautiful landscapes, and if there are many stoves, I want one, ha, ha, ha, ha.


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